Title 17


Division I. Purpose and Administration

17.01    Title and Purpose

17.02    Applicability

17.04    Administrative Responsibility

17.06    Fees

17.08    Nonconformities

17.10    Enforcement

Division II. Land Use Entitlements and Procedures

17.14    Land Use and Development Approval Requirements

17.16    General Application Processing Procedures

17.18    Zoning Administrator Decisions

17.20    Planning Commission Decisions

17.22    City Council Decisions

Division III. Zoning Districts, Allowed Uses, and Development Standards

17.26    Establishment of Zoning Districts

17.28    Adoption of Zoning Map

17.30    Classification of Uses

17.32    Residential Districts, Allowed Uses, and Development Standards

17.34    Commercial and Industrial Districts, Allowed Uses, and Development Standards

17.36    Public and Semi-Public Districts, Allowed Uses, and Development Standards

17.38    Overlay and Special Districts

17.40    Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit/Green Infrastructure Plan

Division IV. Site Development Provisions

17.42    Accessory Structures

17.43    Bars on Windows

17.44    Construction and Demolition

17.45    Fences, Walls, Gates, and Screening

17.46    Height and Yard Requirements

17.48    Landscaping

17.50    Noise

17.52    Outdoor Sales, Storage, and Seating

17.54    Parking and Loading

17.56    Parking Lot Lighting Standards

17.58    Refuse Disposal and Recycling

Division V. Special Use Requirements

17.60    Special Residential Uses

17.62    Special Nonresidential Uses

17.63    Art in Public Places

17.64    Temporary Uses

Division VI. Glossary

17.68    Universal Terms

17.70    Use Classification Descriptions

Zoning    Map

APPENDIX    A    Residential Design Guidelines

APPENDIX    B    Commercial Design Guidelines

APPENDIX    C    Industrial Design Guidelines

APPENDIX    D    Mixed-Use Design Guidelines

APPENDIX    E    Sign Design Guidelines