Title 7
HEALTH AND SAFETY Amended Ord. 5356


7.04    Food Facilities

7.08    Milk Control

7.12    Repealed

7.16    Wiping Rags

7.20    Solid Waste

7.21    Recycling and Solid Waste Universal Service

7.22    Medical Waste

7.23    Recycling of Electronic Waste

7.24    Unauthorized Collection of Recyclable Materials

7.25    Unauthorized Removal of Materials from Solid Waste Transfer, Processing, or Disposal Facilities

7.26    Illegal Dumping

7.28    Plant Disease Control

7.30    Noticing Requirements, Indemnification and Financial Assurances for the Use of Recombinant DNA Technology

7.31    Prohibition on Genetically Engineered Crops

7.32    Repealed

7.36    Fly Control

7.38    Sewage Disposal

7.39    Public Sewers

7.42    Septic Tank Pumping and Liquid Waste Transport

7.44    Organized Camps

7.48    Labor Camp Inspection Fees

7.52    Juvenile Boarding Homes

7.54    Skilled Nursing Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities

7.56    Medical Care for County Indigents

7.57    Community Health Centers Co-Applicant Commission

7.58    Santa Cruz-Monterey-Merced Managed Medical Care Commission

7.59    Repealed

7.60    Public Swimming Pools

7.64    Sharps Waste Management Programs

7.68    Glass Containers on Public Beaches

7.69    Water Conservation

7.70    Water Wells

7.71    Water Systems

7.72    Bacteriological Standards for Freshwater Contact Sports Areas

7.73    Individual Water Systems

7.74    Repealed

7.75    Repealed

7.76    Rafting and Floating

7.78    Preservation of Monterey Bay and Coastal Water Quality: Regulation of Wastewater Discharge

7.79    Runoff and Pollution Control

7.80    Repealed

7.84    Security Alarm Systems

7.88    Smoking Pollution Control

7.89    Repealed

7.90    Prohibition of Saturday Night Specials/Junk Guns

7.91    Deleted

7.92    Fire Code

7.93    Repealed

7.95    Santa Cruz County Safe Drug and Sharps Disposal

7.96    Repealed

7.100    Hazardous Materials—Hazardous Waste—Underground Storage Tanks

7.108    Enforcement of Designated Code Chapters by County Health Officer

7.109    Enforcement of Public Health Orders

7.110    Ozone-Depleting Compounds

7.114    Repealed

7.122    Marijuana for Medical Use

7.124    Personal Cultivation and Possession of Medical Cannabis

7.126    Repealed

7.128    Licenses for Non-Retail Commercial Cannabis Businesses

7.130    Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

7.134    Personal Cultivation of Cannabis for Noncommercial Recreational Use

7.136    Cannabis Equity Program

7.140    CZU August Lightning Complex Fires Debris Removal

7.142    Summary Abatement of Public Nuisances Associated with Stream Channel Debris Caused by the CZU August Lightning Complex Fires Added Ord. 5356, Summary Abatement of Public Nuisances Associated with Stream Channel Debris (expires June 1, 2021)