Title 8


8.02    Alcoholic Beverage Drinking Restrictions

8.03    Alcoholic Beverage Retail Outlet Nuisance Abatement Program

8.04    Election Campaign Contribution Control

8.08    Cable Television Lobbying

8.12    Repealed

8.16    Nudity on Beaches

8.18    Evening Use Restrictions for Beaches

8.20    Amusement Curfew

8.21    Youth Protection Curfew

8.22    Trespassing on Public Transit Facilities

8.23    Skating and Skateboarding Regulations

8.24    Labor Dispute Demonstrations—Prohibited Items

8.26    Regulation of Personal Watercraft

8.28    Firearms

8.30    Noise

8.32    Social Host Liability Ordinance

8.34    Safety Enhancement Penalties

8.40    Prohibition of Discrimination in Rental Housing

8.42    Tenant’s Interest on Security Deposit for Residential Rental Property

8.43    Remedies for Lessor’s Retaliation

8.45    Relocation Assistance for Displaced Tenants

8.48    Expired

8.50    Prohibition of AIDS and AIDS-Related Discrimination in Employment, Real Estate Transactions, Educational Institutions, Business Practices and County Facilities

8.52    Prohibition Against Discrimination

8.55    Graffiti Abatement

8.57    Sale of Aerosol Paint Containers and Marking Pens Capable of Defacing Property