Chapter 8.100


8.100.010    Storage in front yard.

8.100.020    Storage of equipment, material or vehicle.

8.100.030    Miscellaneous storage.

8.100.040    Building materials.

8.100.050    Parking on unimproved surfaces.

8.100.010 Storage in front yard.

No storage of boats, camping trailers, pickup campers, motor homes or recreational vehicles shall take place in the front yard, which is defined as the area between the front property line and the front building plane of the structure. Only vehicles or trailers as permitted in GMC 18.140.100(G) are permitted to be stored in the front yard as long as those trailers or vehicles are stored on a paved driveway in a manner that does not encroach upon or obstruct a sidewalk. (Ord. 2476 § 1; Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.100.020 Storage of equipment, material or vehicle.

See GMC 18.140.100(G) and 18.160.030 regarding boats, camping trailers, and other related vehicles. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.100.030 Miscellaneous storage.

Outdoor play equipment, patio furniture, barbecue grills, dog houses, lawn ornaments, garden hoses and sprinklers are permitted; provided, that these items must be specifically manufactured for outdoor use and in working/usable condition. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.100.040 Building materials.

Outdoor building materials for a home/lawn improvement project, not requiring a building permit, may be stored outside in a neat and orderly manner for a period not to exceed 30 days. Examples of such items include, but shall not be limited to, fencing, lumber, masonry, dirt, sand, and gravel. Building materials stored in conjunction with an active building permit must be stored in a neat and orderly manner. (Ord. 2366 § 2)

8.100.050 Parking on unimproved surfaces.

No vehicle owner, property owner, resident or tenant shall permit a vehicle to be parked or stored outside of a building or structure on any surface other than on approved parking, except as allowed in GMC 8.100.020. (Ord. 2366 § 2)