Chapter 74

Article I. In General

74-1—74-25.    Reserved.

Article II. Preservation of Historical Items    

74-26—74-31.    Reserved.

74-32.    Depository of historical materials.

74-33—74-62.    Reserved.

Article III. Preservation of Historic Buildings

74-63.    Purpose and intent.

74-64.    Definitions.

74-65.    The Historic District Commission.

74-66.    Acceptance of gifts or grants.

74-67.    Establishing additional, modifying, or eliminating historic districts.

74-68.    Historic District Study Committee and the Study Committee report.

74-69.    Historic District Commission meetings, recordkeeping and rules of procedure.

74-70.    Delegation of minor classes of work.

74-71.    Ordinary maintenance.

74-72.    Review by the Commission.

74-73.    Design review standards and guidelines.

74-74.    Permit applications for construction, repair, moving, demolition affecting exterior appearance of historic sites, structures, or objects located within historic districts.

74-75.    Denials.

74-76.    Notice to proceed.

74-77.    Appeal of a Commission decision.

74-78.    Work without a permit.

74-79.    Demolition by neglect.

74-80.    Review of work in proposed districts.

74-81.    Emergency moratorium.

74-82.    Penalties for violations.

74-83.    Acquisition of historic resources.

74-84.    Historic district boundary.


Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; buildings and building regulations, ch. 22; community development, ch. 42.