Chapter 74

Article I. In General

74-1—74-25.    Reserved.

Article II. Preservation of Historical Items    

74-26—74-31.    Reserved.

74-32.    Depository of historical materials.

74-33—74-50.    Reserved.

Article III. Preservation of Historic Buildings

74-51.    Purpose and intent.

74-52.    Definitions.

74-53.    Designation.

74-54.    Creation and composition of Historic District Commission; removal from office.

74-55.    Permits for construction, repair, moving, demolition affecting exterior appearance of historic sites, structures or objects located within historic districts.

74-56.    Certificate of approval or rejection of plans; filing for review; effect of rejection; inspections; failure to act on application.

74-57.    Ordinary maintenance and repair; construction, repair, moving or demolition under existing permit.

74-58.    Commission rules and procedures.

74-59.    Appeals.

74-60.    Acceptance of grants or gifts; agents for acceptance and administration.

74-61.    Acquisition of historic sites by council; funds, recommendation of commission; maintenance of sites.

74-62.    Coordination between county and city commission.

Article IV. Sesquicentennial Commission

74-63—74-67.    Reserved.


Cross reference—Administration, ch. 2; buildings and building regulations, ch. 22; community development, ch. 42.