Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Meetings—Regular.

2.04.020    Meetings—Holidays.

2.04.030    Meetings—Special.

2.04.040    Meetings—Notice of change.

2.04.050    Board of commissioners—Increase in size.

2.04.010 Meetings—Regular.

Pursuant to the authority provided in NRS 244.085, the regular meetings of the board of commissioners shall be held on the first and third Mondays of each month. (Ord. 7-8-93 § 1, 1993; Ord. 1-23-92 § 1; Ord. 10-3-85 § 1(1))

2.04.020 Meetings—Holidays.

In the event any meeting day falls on a holiday or other nonjudicial day or it is not possible to obtain a quorum, no meeting shall be held on that day, but the meeting shall be held on the next judicial day. (Ord. 10-3-85 § 1(2))

2.04.030 Meetings—Special.

In the event it is necessary to hold a special meeting, either in the daytime or evening, each such meeting shall be held in accordance with the procedure mandated by NRS 244.090 or as that section may be amended from time to time. (Ord. 10-3-85 § 1(3))

2.04.040 Meetings—Notice of change.

Except for a meeting continued from a recessed regular meeting, a regular meeting shall not be held on any other day or date unless notice of a proposed change of meeting day or date is published once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the county. (Ord. 10-3-85 § 1(4))

2.04.050 Board of commissioners—Increase in size.*

A. Pursuant to NRS 244.011, proceedings to increase the size of the board of county commissioners from three to five members are initiated.

B. At the next general election to be held on November 5, 1996, the registered voters of Humboldt County shall have the opportunity to vote on the following question set forth in NRS 244.011: “Shall the board of county commissioners be increased to five members?”.

C. The ballot question, explanation, arguments for and against passage and fiscal notes are attached to the ordinance codified in this section as Exhibit A and are transmitted to the county clerk for inclusion on the 1996 general election ballot.

D. If a majority of the votes cast at the 1996 general election approve the question, this section shall become effective upon certification of the vote by the county clerk on November 7, 1996; otherwise, this section shall not become effective.

E. If this section becomes effective, the two additional members of the board of commissioners shall be elected at the next general election on November 3, 1998. One member shall be elected to an initial two-year term and the other member shall be elected to an initial four-year term.

F. The county clerk shall, on or before the first Monday in January of 1998, designate which new position on the board will consist of a two-year term and which new position on the board will consist of a four-year term.

G. When the initial terms expire, subsequent terms for each new position are for four years. (Ord. 6-3-96E §§ 1—7)

    Code reviser’s note: Ordinance 6-3-96E, codified as § 2.04.050, was passed by a vote of the people at the general election of November 5, 1996.