Chapter 2.06


2.06.010    Establishment of the office.

2.06.020    Appointment of county manager.

2.06.030    Removal of county manager.

2.06.040    Powers and duties of county manager.

2.06.050    Specific duties of the county manager.

2.06.010 Establishment of the office.

Pursuant to NRS Chapter 244, the office of county manager is hereby established. (Ord. 8-21-17b § 1)

2.06.020 Appointment of county manager.

A. A county manager shall be appointed by a majority vote of the county commissioners for an indefinite term.

B. He/she shall be chosen by the county commissioners solely on the basis of his/her executive and administrative qualifications, and need not be a resident of the state or county to receive appointment, but during his tenure of office must reside in the county.

C. No person who is or has been an elected officer of the county may be appointed county manager unless he has been out of office for at least one year prior to such appointment. (Ord. 8-21-17b § 1)

2.06.030 Removal of county manager.

The county manager shall serve at the pleasure of the board of county commissioners, and may be removed from office at any time by a majority vote of its members. (Ord. 8-21-17b § 1)

2.06.040 Powers and duties of county manager.

A. The county manager shall be the administrative head of the county government. The board of county commissioners, acting as a board, will express its policies to the county manager through its ordinances, minute orders, rules and regulations, or through duly appointed committees of one or more board members specifically authorized to act on behalf of the board.

B. The county manager shall execute on behalf of the board its administrative control and supervision of the affairs of the county, and of all officers, departments, institutions or districts for whom the board is required by law to adopt an annual budget, except elective officers or boards, commissioners or institutions which have such administrative authority authorized by law or county ordinance.

C. All such offices shall submit all matters requiring board action or attention to the county manager who shall submit them to the board with recommendations as may be deemed necessary.

D. The county manager, with the approval of the board of county commissioners, may appoint such assistants and other employees as are necessary to the proper functioning of his office. The salaries of such assistants and the employees and the expenses of conducting the office of county manager shall be fixed by the county manager, with the consent and approval of the board of county commissioners.

E. The county manager shall perform all other duties as may be specifically directed and keep the board informed as to the execution of its policies and directives. (Ord. 8-21-17b § 1)

2.06.050 Specific duties of the county manager.

In addition to his duties as the county manager as provided in HCC 2.06.040, and not by limitation thereof, it shall be the duty of the county manager or his designee to:

A. Attend all meetings of the board of county commissioners and take part in all deliberations of the board of county commissioners except those in which his dismissal may be the subject;

B. Make recommendations, from time to time, on any matter in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of county government;

C. Periodically evaluate the work performance of the various appointive department heads and his other directly appointed subordinates and dismiss department heads with ratification by the board of county commissioners, except for the comptroller who may only be dismissed with confirmation by the board of county commissioners;

D. Investigate ways and means, consistent with the requirements and interests of the county, to cooperate with all levels of the government, local, state and federal;

E. Prepare and submit the proposed annual budget to the board of county commissioners and administrate the annual budget after approval thereof;

F. Direct the personnel of the county, except elective officials and their deputies; and administrate the county personnel system;

G. Administrate the purchase of all supplies and equipment and ensure that all purchases and expenditures for purchases shall be made in accordance with procedures established by the county manager;

H. Provide for the institution and continuance of inventory control of all county property and equipment and to administer the maintenance of such property and equipment;

I. Prepare, or cause to be prepared, the agenda for all regular, special or adjourned meetings of the board of county commissioners and review all items to be placed on the agenda prior to their submissions;

J. Administrate and control the electronic data processing functions and activities of the county government;

K. Administrate and control all functions of the water quality program in accordance with applicable provisions of this code and federal and state laws and regulations. (Ord. 8-21-17b § 1)