Chapter 2.35


2.35.010    Appointment.

2.35.020    Vacancies.

2.35.030    Removal.

2.35.040    Council committee appointments.

2.35.010 Appointment.

All appointive city officials, including all members of the police force, shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by a majority of council members present at any regular or special meeting of the council. (Ord. 901, 1987; Ord. 629 § 1, 1952)

2.35.020 Vacancies.

Any vacancy in an appointive city office may be temporarily filled by appointment by the mayor; providing, however, that any such appointment shall be effective only until the next regular meeting of the council at which time the council shall act to affirm or disaffirm such appointment as hereinabove provided; further providing, that in the event of any temporary appointment by the mayor as herein provided, no such appointment shall be valid except upon a like salary basis as the previous appointee to such office obtained and upon like terms and conditions of employment of the previous appointee. (Ord. 629 § 2, 1952)

2.35.030 Removal.

All appointive city officers shall be removable from such office at any time by the mayor and upon approval by the council at any regular or special meeting at which a quorum of the council may be present; further providing, that the council at the initiation of any councilman may remove an appointive officer from office upon a two-thirds concurrence of such action by the council. (Ord. 629 § 3, 1952)

2.35.040 Council committee appointments.

All city council officials shall, by appointment of the mayor, serve on a council committee. Council committees may include, but not be limited to, administration, economic development, community development/planning, public works, parks/recreation, social services and law and order. Mayoral appointments shall be made during the first or second meeting every odd-numbered year. (Ord. 992 § 1, 2001)