Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Office created.

2.10.020    Bar membership required.

2.10.030    Duties.

2.10.040    Compensation.

2.10.050    Additional duties – Compensation.

2.10.010 Office created.

There is hereby created the office of city attorney. (Ord. 5 § 1, 1962)

2.10.020 Bar membership required.

The city attorney shall be an active member of the Oregon State Bar in good standing. (Ord. 5 § 2, 1962)

2.10.030 Duties.

The duties of the city attorney shall include the following:

(1) Preparation of ordinances and resolutions;

(2) The rendering of legal advice to the city council when so requested and at such other times as the city attorney may consider appropriate;

(3) Assisting with the prosecution in the municipal court of persons charged with violations of city ordinances. (Ord. 5 § 3, 1962)

2.10.040 Compensation.

For the performance of the duties heretofore mentioned in VMC 2.10.030, the city attorney shall receive as compensation such remuneration as the city council may, from time to time, authorize. (Ord. 5 § 4, 1962)

2.10.050 Additional duties – Compensation.

In addition to the duties specifically mentioned in VMC 2.10.030, the city attorney shall, when requested by the city council, represent and appear for the city of Veneta, or its officials, in any matter or cause pending in the county court, the circuit court, the Supreme Court, or before any board, commission or legislative committee, and as compensation for such services he shall receive such sum or sums as may be mutually agreed upon between himself and the city council. (Ord. 5 § 5, 1962)