Chapter 18.90


18.90.010    General description.

18.90.020    Uses permitted.

18.90.030    Uses permitted on review.

18.90.040    Area regulations.

18.90.050    Height regulations.

18.90.060    Off-street parking.

18.90.010 General description.

Higher education districts are intended to provide appropriate areas for the development and operation of colleges and universities, including teaching facilities, academic and administrative support facilities, student, faculty and staff housing, athletic and recreation facilities, and other amenities and services related to the operation of institutions of higher education. The regulations for the district are designated to provide flexibility for uses which are harmonious within a college or university environment and result in minimal impact on the character of adjoining districts. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 15).

18.90.020 Uses permitted.

The following uses shall be permitted in the HE-1 higher education districts:

(1) Colleges and Universities, Public or Private. Uses and structures which are customarily a part of such permitted uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Classroom and laboratory buildings;

(b) Administrative, business, and faculty offices;

(c) Dormitories;

(d) Faculty, staff and student housing, except as otherwise provided;

(e) Student activity buildings;

(f) Athletic and recreation facilities;

(g) Dining facilities and kitchens;

(h) Libraries;

(i) Museums;

(j) Theaters and entertainment facilities;

(k) Book stores, snack bars and facilities for the sale of retail goods to satisfy the needs of members of the college or university community;

(l) Post office facilities;

(m) Physical plant facilities;

(n) Infirmaries and medical facilities.

(2) Any use permitted by right and as regulated in the R-4 residential district, except as provided in SCC 18.90.030.

(3) Bulletin boards, identification or directional signs not exceeding 20 square feet in area are permitted. Flashing or intermittent illumination is prohibited. Signs shall be attached to building or located not closer than one-half the required setback from the street rights-of-way and may have indirect illumination. Sports scoreboards shall not exceed 40 square feet in area and 20 feet in height. The provisions of SCC 18.140.020(1), (5), (6), and (7) shall apply to signs in HE-1 districts.

(4) Incidental and accessory uses and structures.

(5) Co-location of telecommunication antenna and related equipment as regulated in SCC 18.185.020(4). (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 15).

18.90.030 Uses permitted on review.

New buildings, conversion of existing buildings used as single-family residences to student housing, or conversion of existing buildings used as single-family residences to any use when conversion will materially alter the external appearance of the building, in every case if the building is located at any point closer than 75 feet to a public street or residential district, shall require a special use permit. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 15).

18.90.040 Area regulations.

The following requirements shall apply to all uses permitted in this district:

(1) Front Yard. All buildings shall set back from public street right-of-way lines not less than 25 feet. In all other cases, a front yard shall not be required.

(2) Side Yard. On the side of a building adjoining a residential district there shall be a side yard of not less than 25 feet. There shall be a side yard setback from an intersecting street of not less than 25 feet. In all other cases, a side yard of 10 feet shall be required for one-story buildings, which shall increase to 12 feet for two stories, 15 feet for three stories and 25 feet for four or more stories. There shall be a five-foot setback for accessory buildings.

(3) Rear Yard. None, except for buildings abutting a residential or professional district and then there shall be a minimum rear yard, alley, service court, or combination thereof, of not less than 25 feet for main buildings and a five-foot setback for accessory buildings.

(4) Maximum Lot Coverage. The maximum lot area which may be covered by main buildings shall be 35 percent. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 15).

18.90.050 Height regulations.

No building shall exceed four and one-half stories in height, except as provided in Chapter 18.115 SCC, or as a use permitted on review by the procedures set forth in Chapter 18.210 SCC. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 15).

18.90.060 Off-street parking.

Parking spaces required on the grounds or campus of the college or university shall be two spaces per three teachers and employees normally engaged in or about the buildings or grounds of the college or university, plus one space per three students. The adequacy of parking spaces for guest parking at any new student activity center shall be approved by the planning commission. For purposes of application of the off-street parking requirements, the grounds or campus of a college or university shall include all property owned by a college or university and located within this district. The general provisions of SCC 18.125.020 shall apply to parking in HE-1 districts. (Zoning ordinance Art. 4, § 15).