Chapter 3.30


3.30.010    Established.

3.30.020    Cash transfers into fund.

3.30.030    Deductions from wages or salaries.

3.30.040    Forms and warrants.

3.30.010 Established.

The clerk-treasurer of the town is directed to set up and establish, beginning January 1, 1981, a “payroll fund” from which all salaries and wages shall be paid to all officers and employees of the town whose salaries or wages are payable from a department of the town operating on a cash basis. (Ord. 405 § 1, 1980)

3.30.020 Cash transfers into fund.

The clerk-treasurer shall make cash transfers into the fund prior to each payday from the funds of the several town departments in the respective amounts of the gross totals of the payrolls for each department. (Ord. 405 § 2, 1980)

3.30.030 Deductions from wages or salaries.

Any and all deductions from wages or salaries required by law shall be retained in the payroll fund and thereafter paid therefrom as required by law. (Ord. 405 § 3, 1980)

3.30.040 Forms and warrants.

The clerk-treasurer shall prepare and have printed after approval by the town council, such forms and warrants as are deemed necessary to facilitate the operation of the fund and the cash transfers referred to in Section 3.30.020. (Ord. 405 § 4, 1980)