Title 3


3.04    Investment of Excess or Inactive Funds

3.08    General Obligation Bond Fund

3.12    Local Improvement Guaranty Fund

3.16    Arterial Street Fund

3.20    Water and Sewer Construction Fund

3.21    Water and Sewer Reserve Fund

3.22    Fire Truck Reserve Fund

3.23    Ambulance Fund

3.24    Ambulance Reserve Fund

3.25    Equipment Rental Reserve Fund

3.28    Claims Clearing Account and Payroll Account

3.32    Excise Tax on Lodgings

3.36    Utility Tax

3.38    Telephone Utility Tax

3.40    Sales and Use Tax

3.48    Special Reserve Fund

3.52    Real Estate Excise Tax

3.56    Northwest Energy Code Fund

3.60    Water and Sewer Tax—Law Enforcement Related Funding

3.64    Garbage Collection Tax