Chapter 17.40


17.40.010    Unrecorded plats, dedications – Utility provisions.

17.40.020    Application – Contents.

17.40.030    Hearings.

17.40.040    Qualifications governing approval.

17.40.050    Plats with preliminary approval.

17.40.060    Additional requirements.

17.40.010 Unrecorded plats, dedications Utility provisions.

(1) Unrecorded Plats. An existing unrecorded plat shall be treated as a preliminary plat with due regard for the legal rights of any persons who may have purchased lots therein.

(2) Dedications, Explanations. Plattors are notified that dedications are absolute, and no reservations or exceptions for any purpose whatsoever will be permitted, whether in dedication or upon the face of the plat.

(3) Water Supply. The plattor of every proposed plat must show that the area to be platted is provided with a public domestic supply and distribution system within or without the plat installed according to plans approved by the city of Burien and the county department of health. If there is no established water supply system in the district to which the pieces or parcels of land in the plat may be connected, the plattor must set aside a favorable park or other area of suitable size upon which shall be located a community deep well or wells which shall be set aside for community use, or the plattor must show that there is a potential water supply accessible to and provided for each lot or tract in the plat or subdivision. Such water supply and distribution system, community well or wells or water supply shall be constructed on such areas of such depth and design as to amply protect the water supply and all plans to be approved by the city of Burien and King County department of health.

(4) Sources of Water Supply (or note stating source).

(5) Method of Sewage Disposal (with letter of approval from the King County health department). [Ord. 29 § 1(58), 1993]

17.40.020 Application Contents.

(1) Identification and Description.

(a) Proposed name of the subdivision;

(b) Location by section, township and range, or by other legal description;

(c) Name and address of developer;

(d) Name, address and seal of registered engineer or of registered land surveyor;

(e) Scale of plat, date and northpoint;

(f) Contours of topography;

(g) Certificate of water availability from public purveyor or health department approval of adequate on-site supply;

(h) Letter of approval of on-site sewage disposal method from Seattle-King County health department, if on-site sewage treatment is proposed, or a certificate of sewer availability from the public purveyor if the site is in the local service area of the sewerage general plan and public sewers are proposed to be used;

(i) Land use zoning classification;

(j) Tree planting (if any).

(2) Delineation of Existing Conditions.

(a) Boundary line of proposed subdivision indicated by solid heavy line;

(b) Location, widths and names of all existing or prior platted streets or other public ways, railroad and utility rights-of-way, parks and other public open spaces, permanent buildings and structures, and section and municipal corporation lines, within or adjacent to the tract;

(c) In case of a replat, the lots, blocks, streets, alleys, easements, parks and building lines (if any) of the original plat being vacated shall be shown by dotted lines in their proper position in relation to the new arrangement of the plat; the new plat being clearly shown in solid lines so as to avoid ambiguity;

(d) Existing sewers, water mains, culverts or other underground facilities within the tract, indicating pipe size, grades and exact location, as obtained from public records;

(e) Boundary lines of adjacent tracts of unsubdivided and subdivided land, showing owners, indicated by dotted lines for a distance of 100 feet;

(f) Existing zoning of proposed subdivision and adjacent tracts in zoned area;

(g) Contours at five-foot intervals, or established in reference to coast geodetic upland datum (aerial survey datum) if available.

(3) Delineation of Proposed Conditions.

(a) Layout of streets, their names and widths and also the widths of alleys, crosswalkways and easements. The names of the several streets, avenues and highways shall conform as far as practicable to the names of corresponding streets, avenues and highways in the abutting or adjacent city, town or subdivision and to the general system of naming in use by said city, town or subdivision or city;

(b) Layout, numbers and dimensions of lots;

(c) Parcels of land intended to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use or set aside for use of property owners in the subdivision;

(d) Building setback lines, showing dimensions. [Ord. 29 § 1(59), 1993]

17.40.030 Hearings.

Hearings on preliminary plats shall be conducted pursuant to the procedures established by the city of Burien. [Ord. 29 § 1(60), 1993]

17.40.040 Qualifications governing approval.

(1) Preliminary Approval. Council approval of the preliminary plat shall furnish a firm basis upon which the applicant may proceed with development of the subdivision and preparation of the final plat subject only to all the conditions of preliminary approval imposed on the preliminary plat.

(2) Revisions. The director of the department of community development may approve minor changes or revisions as are deemed necessary to the interests and needs of the community, consistent with the adopted policies and standards of the city.

(3) Engineering Details. Subsequent approval of the engineering details of the proposed streets, storm drainage, sanitary sewer and water systems and other proposed public facilities by the city engineer and the King County department of public health will be required prior to the approval of the final plat.

(4) Approval Time. Preliminary approval shall be effective for a period 36 months. If an applicant files a written request with the Burien city council at least 30 days before expiration of the 36 months, an extension for up to 12 months may be granted by motion by the city council if the council determines that the applicant has acted in good faith and made substantial progress in complying with the conditions of preliminary plat and that it would be inequitable to require the applicant to reapply for a new preliminary plat approval. If, prior to the expiration of 48 months after preliminary approval, all required plat improvements have been diligently pursued and have been substantially constructed, and the plat developer has applied for a further extension, the city may grant an extension for an additional period of up to six months from the application date for recording of the final plat. If the final plat is being developed in divisions and final plats for all of the divisions have not been recorded within the time limits provided in this section, preliminary plat approval for all unrecorded divisions shall become void.

The preliminary plat for any unrecorded divisions must again be submitted to the department of community development with a new application.

(5) In granting administrative extensions authorized pursuant to subsection (4), the city may impose administratively additional conditions for final approval, consistent with then current city adopted standards and policies.

(6) Conditions imposed administratively on divisions for which extensions have been approved may be appealed to the city council, or if assigned by the city council, the zoning and subdivision examiner. [Ord. 29 § 1(61), 1993]

17.40.050 Plats with preliminary approval.

BMC 17.40.040(4) shall be retroactive for plats given preliminary approval after January 1, 1982. As to plats for which preliminary approval expired prior to the effective date of this code, such preliminary approval shall again be valid if within one month of the effective date of this code application for the administrative extension of up to six months provided for in BMC 17.40.040 is submitted and is subsequently granted. [Ord. 29 § 1(62), 1993]

17.40.060 Additional requirements.

The city may require the submittal of additional information, including but not limited to soil and geological studies, wetland assessments or traffic studies, prior to processing a preliminary subdivision application if the city determines that such information is necessary for the accurate review of such applications. The city may also set reasonable deadlines for the supplemental submittal of such information if it is found to be necessary subsequent to the initial application submittal. Failure to meet such deadlines shall cause the application to be deemed withdrawn, and plans or other data previously submitted for review may thereafter be returned to the applicant together with any unexpended portion of the preliminary application review fee. In no case shall an application be processed until it is complete in terms of the type or amount of information necessary for accurate review. [Ord. 29 § 1(63), 1993]