Chapter 17.45


17.45.010    Approval, drawing and recording.

17.45.020    Information required – Compliance with county health requirements.

17.45.030    Meander lines – Monuments – Property descriptions – Signatures.

17.45.040    Protective deed covenant – Forms.

17.45.010 Approval, drawing and recording.

(1) Approval and Drawing. After approval of the preliminary plat by the city council, and the fulfillment of the requirements of these regulations and any other requirements specified by the city, two tracings of the final plat of the subdivision, on tracing cloth, 12 paper prints, 18 inches by 22 inches in size, and two 11-inch by 17-inch paper copies, allowing one-half inch for a border, shall be submitted to the director for approval.

A final plat shall be drawn with india ink on the best grade of tracing cloth. If more than one sheet is required, each sheet, including the index sheet, shall be of the above specified size. The index sheet must show the entire subdivision with street and highway names and block numbers.

(2) Recording. Upon approval by the city council, the final plat shall be recorded with the city clerk and the county records and elections division auditor. [Ord. 29 § 1(64), 1993]

17.45.020 Information required Compliance with county health requirements.

(1) Identification and Description.

(a) Name of subdivision;

(b) Location by section, township and range, or by other legal description;

(c) The name and seal of the registered engineer or the registered land surveyor;

(d) Scale (same as preliminary plat) shown graphically, date and northpoint. The scale of the final plat shall be such that all distances and bearings can be clearly and legibly shown thereon in their proper proportions. Plats unduly cramped and whose essential data cannot be clearly read will not be approved.

(2) Delineation.

(a) Boundary of plat, based on an accurate traverse, with angular and lineal dimensions;

(b) Exact location, width, and name of all streets within and adjoining the plat, the exact location and widths of all alleys and crosswalks. The name of a street shall not duplicate that of any existing street in the city of Burien or King County. Proposed street names shall be checked with the proper city and county officials;

(c) True courses and distances to the nearest established street lines of official monuments which shall accurately describe the location of the plat;

(d) Municipal, township, city or section lines accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distances and courses;

(e) Radii, internal angles, points of curvature, tangent bearings and lengths of all areas;

(f) All easements for rights-of-way provided for public services or utilities;

(g) All lot and block numbers and lines with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths. Blocks in numbered additions to subdivisions bearing the same name may be numbered or lettered consecutively through the several additions;

(h) Accurate location of all monuments, which shall be concrete and four inches by four inches at top, six inches by six inches at bottom and 24 inches long, with a metal marker cast in the center. One such monument shall be placed at each street intersection, and at locations to complete a continuous line of sight and at such other locations as required by the city engineer;

(i) All plat meander lines or reference lines along bodies of water shall be established above the high water line of such water;

(j) Accurate outlines and legal description of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, with the purposes indicated thereon and in the dedication; and of any area to be reserved by deed covenant for common uses of all property owners;

(k) Building setback lines accurately shown with dimensions.

(3) Sanitary Conditions. All rules, regulations or orders of the city of Burien and the Seattle-King County health department applicable to the property shall be effective. [Ord. 29 § 1(65), 1993]

17.45.030 Meander lines Monuments Property descriptions Signatures.

(1) Plat Meander Lines. When a subdivision borders on a body of water a plat meander line shall be established along the shore not more than 20 feet back from the ordinary high water mark of such body of water.

(2) Monuments. It is intended that all monuments shall be set after the grading of the streets. In case the plat be approved before the grading is complete, the grading shall be done and the monuments shall be set before the release of the road guarantee bond.

(3) Property Description. A description of property platted shall be the same as that recorded in preceding transfer of said property or that portion of said transfer covered by plat. Should this description be cumbersome and not technically correct, a true and exact description shall be shown upon plat together with original description. The correct description shall follow: “The intent of the above description is to embrace all the following described property.”

(4) Signatures. All signatures shall be in india ink or other ink of equal density. No interlineations will be permitted. [Ord. 29 § 1(66), 1993]

17.45.040 Protective deed covenant Forms.

(1) A typewritten copy of the protective deed covenants shall accompany the final plat.

(2) Forms. (See sample plat filed in records and election division).

(a) Dedication with notarized acknowledgment, by owner or owners, of the adoption of the plat and the dedication of streets and other public acres. In case of corporation, proper acknowledgment shall be used;

(b) Restrictions;

(c) Certification by registered surveyor to the effect that the plat represents a survey made by him and that the monuments shown thereon exist as located and that all dimensional and geodetic details are correct;

(d) Proper forms for the approvals of city engineer, of the department of community development, and of the city council with space for signatures;

(e) Approval by signature of the city clerk and county records and elections division, as to filing for record.

Each and all of the above forms including the description shall be printed with india ink in distinct, legible lettering and shall be substantially in the form of the sample plat filed in the records and election division. [Ord. 29 § 1(67), 1993]