40.260.205    Staffed Residential Homes

A.    Purpose.

    The purposes of the staffed residential homes provisions are:

1.    To provide opportunities for establishing homes that provide needed care, health, safety, and well-being for foster children, expectant mothers, and children with special needs.

2.    To maintain the character of existing residential neighborhoods and ensure harmony and compatibility between staffed residential homes and their neighbors.

3.    To provide additional oversight to ensure ongoing compliance by staffed residential homes with state licensing and certification standards and requirements.

B.    Applicability.

1.    This section applies to staffed residential homes as defined in Section 40.100.070.

2.    Staffed residential homes, where permitted, are a conditional use and shall comply with the standards, requirements, and limitations in Section 40.260.205(C).

C.    Development Standards and Requirements.

1.    Prior to the submittal of an application for a staffed residential home, a neighborhood meeting, as required by Section 40.510.025(C)(2), shall be conducted. The information provided at the neighborhood meeting shall include:

a.    A comprehensive description of the proposed use and operation;

b.    The number of children to be served and the number of on-site supervisors; and

c.    A general description of the treatment program.

2.    A written agreement between the neighborhood association and the applicant shall be required as part of the application. The party’s willingness to meaningfully participate in county facilitated mediation, if necessary, will be a factor in determining whether the parties are reasonably trying to enter into the neighborhood agreement. If the Director of Community Development finds that the applicant is not reasonably pursuing the neighborhood agreement, the application will be deemed not fully complete. If the neighborhood is not reasonably pursuing the neighborhood agreement, the Director of Community Development is authorized to waive the requirement for a neighborhood agreement.

3.     A minimum of one (1) on-site paved parking space shall be provided for each adult supervisor.

4.    Perimeter fencing shall be required along the side and rear boundaries of the site. The fence shall be a six (6) foot high fence meeting the F2 standard in Section 40.320.010.

5.    Within any three hundred sixty-five (365) day period, if the site generates six (6) or more calls for law enforcement services regarding a specific issue, such as assault or runaway, the applicant is required to provide issue specific training for all on-site staff, conducted by qualified professionals, within one hundred twenty (120) days from the last law enforcement call for service.

6.    Ongoing activities on the site shall be conducted in strict compliance with Section 9.14.010 with regard to noise and disturbances. Violation of said standards shall be considered grounds for revocation of the conditional use permit, in accordance with Section 40.520.030(H).

7.    Applicant shall demonstrate that there is not another staffed residential home located within a one (1) mile radius of the proposed development.

8.    Compliance with the conditions of approval imposed pursuant to Section 40.520.030.

(Added: Ord. 2012-02-08)