40.520.020 Uses Subject to Review and Approval (R/A)

A.    Purpose.

    Upon review of the responsible official, uses designated as permitted subject to review and approval (R/A) may be allowed in the various districts; provided, that the responsible official is of the opinion that such uses would be compatible with neighboring land uses.

(Amended: Ord. 2018-10-02)

B.    Review Procedures.

    Uses subject to review and approval (R/A) shall be reviewed through a Type II process; provided, that the responsible official, at his or her discretion, may refer any proposal to the hearing examiner for review and approval, or denial. Any uses approved under the provisions of this chapter by either the responsible official or the hearing examiner in public hearing, shall be compatible with adopted county land use policies and goals.

(Amended: Ord. 2018-10-02)

C.    Approval Criteria – General.

    Except for the uses listed in Section 40.520.020(D), in approving a use, the responsible official shall first make a finding that all of the following conditions exist:

1.    The site of the proposed use is adequate in size and shape to accommodate the proposed use;

2.    All setbacks, spaces, walls and fences, parking, loading, landscaping, and other features required by this title are provided;

3.    The proposed use is compatible with neighborhood land use;

4.    The site for the proposed use relates to streets and highways adequate in width and pavement type to carry the quantity and kind of traffic generated by the proposed use;

5.    The proposed use will have no substantial adverse effect on abutting property or the permitted use thereof; and

6.    In the case of residential uses, the housing density of the development is consistent with the existing zoning densities, or the general plan, and that all other aspects of the development are consistent with the public health, safety, and general welfare for the development and for adjacent properties.

(Amended: Ord. 2018-10-02)

D.    Approval Criteria – Special Uses.

    When the following uses are allowed subject to review and approval (R/A) the responsible official shall review them subject to the applicable standards and criteria in Chapter 40.260:

1.    Accessory dwelling units (Section 40.260.020);

2.    Bed and breakfast establishments (Section 40.260.050);

3.    Home businesses – Type II (Section 40.260.100);

4.    Kennels (Section 40.260.110);

5    Manufactured home parks (Section 40.260.140);

6.    Opiate substitution treatment facilities (Section 40.260.165);

7.    Townhouse developments (Section 40.260.155);

8.    Wireless communications facilities (Section 40.260.250);

9.    Zero lot line development (Section 40.260.260).

(Amended: Ord. 2005-04-12; Ord. 2009-01-05; Ord. 2009-03-02; Ord. 2009-06-01; Ord. 2012-02-03; Ord. 2016-09-04; Ord. 2018-10-02)