Chapter 11.20


11.20.010    Legislative findings – Adoption of WAC provisions.

11.20.020    Engineer to issue permits – Fee – Request procedure.

RCW 46.44.09046.44.0941: Oversize loads.
RCW 36.32.120(7): Adoption of statutes and codes by reference.
WAC 252-24-150: Wide load permits.

11.20.010 Legislative findings – Adoption of WAC provisions.

The Board of County Commissioners finds as follows: The Washington State Highway Commission has adopted rules relating to the transportation of 14-foot wide mobile homes, modular building units, and sectional buildings on the State Highway System. A majority of movements of such vehicles do not originate nor terminate on the routes of the State Highway System, necessitating the use of roads under the jurisdictions of local agencies. The Washington State Highway Commission has adopted rules and regulations for the movement of such vehicles under WAC 252-24-150, which is hereby adopted as now or hereafter amended and incorporated into this chapter as if set out in full. Copies of WAC 252-24-150 have been filed with the County Auditor and the clerks of each city in the county as required by RCW 36.32.120(7). [Ord. 5228, § 1, 5-12-77.]

11.20.020 Engineer to issue permits – Fee – Request procedure.

The County Engineer is hereby authorized to issue permits for the movement of mobile homes and building units described in WAC 252-24-150 on such Cowlitz County roads as in his judgment can be safely negotiated.

The permit will be issued subject to the compliance with all the restrictions in WAC 252-24-150. Permit fees will be $10.00. Permits must be requested in writing or by telegram. Phone authorization will be granted, providing that: (1) a call is received from a representative of the State Highway Department requesting the authorization; and (2) the applicant has a state permit; and (3) the applicant deposits with the state representative a check for $10.00, payable to the Cowlitz County Road Fund, for forwarding to the Cowlitz County Engineer. [Ord. 5228, § 2, 5-12-77.]