Chapter 11.24


11.24.010    Streets – Designation and signed.

11.24.020    Streets – Undesignated.

11.24.030    School zones.

11.24.040    Compliance required.

11.24.050    Posting and records.

11.24.060    Penalty.

RCW 46.61.40046.61.475: Speed restrictions.
CCC 11.04.435 – 11.04.465: Certain RCW speed regulations adopted.

11.24.010 Streets – Designation and signed.

Amendments to county road speed limits will be made by the Board of Commissioners after public hearing and set forth in the Speed Limit List on file with the County Engineer. Such altered speed limits shall become effective when the road or portion thereof has been signed in accordance with CCC 11.24.050. [Ord. 17-016 § 3, 3-14-17.]

11.24.020 Streets – Undesignated.

The maximum speed limit on any county road not listed pursuant to this chapter shall be 35 mph. [Ord. 17-016 § 4, 3-14-17.]

11.24.030 School zones.

The Board may establish 20 mph school zone and playground crosswalk speed limits in accordance with RCW 46.61.440, and as set forth herein. [Ord. 17-016 § 5, 3-14-17.]

11.24.040 Compliance required.

No person shall operate a motor vehicle on any county road identified in this chapter in excess of the maximum speed limit set forth above. [Ord. 08-164, § 3, 11-18-08.]

11.24.050 Posting and records.

The County Engineer shall, as soon as practical after the Board alters a speed limit, post signs showing the new limit on the affected road or portions thereof, and that such signing shall be notice to the users of the road of the maximum speed limit allowed. The County Engineer shall establish and maintain a file of all ordinances on speed limits and a Speed Limit List showing altered or specially set speed limits of county roads or portions thereof, which shall be available at the Department of Public Works during normal business hours. [Ord. 17-016 § 6, 3-14-17.]

11.24.060 Penalty.

Any violation of a maximum speed limit for any county road shall be a traffic infraction. [Ord. 08-164, § 5, 11-18-08.]