Title 18


18.02    General Provisions

18.04    Districts and Zoning Map

18.05    Land Use Matrix

18.06    Development Standards

18.07    R-1 Low Density Single-Family Residential District

18.08    R-2 Moderate Density Single-Family Residential District

18.10    R-3 Mixed Residential District

18.12    R-4 Multifamily Residential District

18.14    GO General Office District and GO-H General Office-Hospital District

18.16    RMHP Residential Manufactured Home Park District

18.20    NB Neighborhood Business District

18.22    HCB Highway and Community Business District

18.24    CB-1 Central Business District

18.26    CB-2 Central Business District

18.28    LI Light Industrial District

18.30    P Public Use District

18.32    H Hospital District

18.34    Planned Unit Development (PUD)

18.36    Old Town Overlay District

18.37    Accessory Uses

18.38    Conditional Uses

18.40    Site Plan Approvals

18.42    Rezones

18.44    HCB Highway and Community Business Mixed Use Overlay District