Division V. Standard Detail Drawings

Chapter 19.70


M Series    M-1 – M-4.

R Series    R-1 – R-22.

S Series    S-1 – S-3.

SS Series    SS-1 – SS-20.

ST Series    ST-1 – ST-27.

W Series    W-1 – W-20.

M Series M-1 – M-4.

M-1.    Mailbox Standard

M-2.    Mailbox Standard

M-3.    Mailbox Support Type 2

M-4.    Mailbox Support Type 2 Installation

R Series R-1 – R-22.

R-1.    Hot Mix Asphalt Section Arterials and Collectors

R-2.    3/4 Street Improvement Over Ex. Conc. and Paved Surface

R-3.    Planing of Existing and/or Extending/Replacing Pavement Sections

R-4.    Asphalt Concrete Section Local Street

R-5.    Typical and Optional Cul De Sac

R-5A.    Minimum Fire Apparatus Access for Private Roads

R-6.    Cement Concrete Driveway Entrance

R-7.    Driveway Restoration

R-8.    Thru-Curb Inlet Frame and Grate Installation

R-9.    Curb and Gutter Installation

R-9A.    Rolled Curb and Gutter

R-10.    Extruded Curb

R-11.    Existing Roadway Restoration Repair

R-11A.    Petro-Tac Placement

R-12.    Typical Sidewalk Plan with Cross Section

R-13.    Residential Sidewalk Drain

R-14.    Curb Ramps

R-15.    Driveway Section Curb Cut

R-16.    Driveway Width and Spacing

R-17.    Sight Clearance Detail

R-18.    Sight Triangle Requirements

R-19.    Rock Wall Detail

R-20.    Striping

R-21.    Crushed Rock Trail

R-22.    Speed Table

S Series S-1 – S-3.

S-1.    Concrete Monument Outside Pavement

S-2.    Survey Monument in Pavement, New or Existing

S-3.    Survey Monument Case and Cover

SS Series SS-1 – SS-20.

SS-1.    PVC Pipe Zone Bedding

SS-3.    Sanitary Sewer Manhole Type 1

SS-3A.    Sanitary Sewer Manhole Type 2

SS-4.    Sanitary Sewer Manhole Type 3

SS-5.    Sanitary Sewer 8" Clean Out

SS-6.    Sanitary Sewer Service Connection 15" or Less

SS-7.    Sanitary Sewer Service Connection 18" and Larger Mains

SS-8.    Sanitary Sewer Service Deep Main Connection

SS-10.    Circular Frame and Cover

SS-11.    Sanitary Sewer Inside Drop Detail

SS-12.    Sanitary Sewer Outside Drop Detail

SS-13.    Inside Drop Sewer Manhole Connection

SS-14.    Sanitary Sewer Banded Tapping Tee

SS-15.    Double Sanitary Sewer Service

SS-16.    Trenching Detail

SS-17.    Proposed Sewer Service PVC Cut-In Tee

SS-18.    Private Sanitary Sewer and Waterline Separation Requirements

SS-19.    Adjusting Casings to Finished Grade

SS-20.    Sewer Sampling Basin

ST Series ST-1 – ST-27.

ST-1.    Catch Basin Type 1

ST-2.    Catch Basin Type 1L

ST-3.    Catch Basin Type 2

ST-4.    Concrete Inlet

ST-5.    Combination Inlet

ST-7.    Catch Basin Type 2 with Flow Restrictor

ST-9.    Rectangular Solid Metal Cover

ST-10.    Rectangular Vaned Grate

ST-11.    Rectangular Herringbone Grate

ST-12.    Oil-Water Separator Manhole

ST-13.    Sidewalk Drain

ST-14.    Culvert Inlet Outlet Detail

ST-15.    PVC Pipe Zone Bedding

ST-16.    Positive Lot Drain

ST-18.    Slope Protection Detail

ST-19.    Bio-Filtration Swale Detail

ST-20 Sheet 1.    Chain Link Fence Detail Type 3 and 4

ST-20 Sheet 2.    Chain Link Fence Detail Type 3 and 4

ST-21 Sheet 1.    Chain Link Gate Detail

ST-21 Sheet 2.    Chain Link Gate Detail

ST-22.    Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanket Placement for Ditches

ST-23.    Compost Sock

ST-24.    Check Dams on Channels

ST-25.    Temporary Construction Entrance

ST-26.    Silt Fence with Backup Support

ST-27.    Silt Fence

W Series W-1 – W-20.

W-1.    Fire Hydrant Assembly

W-2.    Thrust Blocking Detail

W-5.    Typical 3/4" and 1" Water Service

W-5A.    Typical 2" Water Service

W-5C.    Typical 2" Water Service with 1" Meter Multiple

W-6.    3/4" and 1" Concrete Meter Box

W-6.1.1.    3/4" and 1" Water Meter Non-Deliberate Traffic Rated

W-7.1.1.    2" Water Meter Non-Deliberate Traffic Rated

W-8.    2" Concrete Meter Box

W-9.    2" Blow-Off Future Watermain Extension

W-10.    2" Blow-Off Future Watermain Extension (Alternative)

W-11.    Water Trenching Detail

W-12.    Water Crossing Detail

W-13.    Combination Air Release Air Vacuum Valve Assembly

W-14.    Concrete Water Valve Marker Post

W-15.    Commercial and Multi-Family Irrigation and Domestic Water Meter Placement

W-16.    Double Check Assembly and Vault w/FDC

W-17.    Double Check Valve Assembly w/FDC

W-18.    Small Size DCVA in a Below Ground Box

W-19.    Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly

W-20.    Pressure Reducing Valve

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