Chapter 18.25B


18.25B.010    Intent.

18.25B.020    Use allowances.

18.25B.030    Accessory uses.

18.25B.040    Zoning standards.

18.25B.050    Additional development standards.

18.25B.060    Wireless communication facilities.

18.25B.010 Intent.

The intent of the waterfront commercial zone is to support existing water-dependent uses while also allowing eating and drinking places, temporary lodging and other complementary uses. Compatible light manufacturing is appropriate. Office and mixed use multifamily development are desirable for the future. [Ord. 14-0391 § 2 (Exh. 1).]

18.25B.020 Use allowances.

The following uses listed in Table A are identified as permitted, conditionally permitted or prohibited uses in the waterfront commercial zone:

Table A. Waterfront Commercial Use Allowances 




Adult entertainment business1

Ambulatory surgery center

Animal kennel/shelter2

Arts, entertainment, indoor

Arts, entertainment, outdoor3

Automotive sales and service, marine

Business service, standard

Cemetery, columbarium or mausoleum4

Community residential facility (CRF)

Day care

Eating and drinking place5

Educational service

Funeral home/crematory

Health care and social assistance


Manufacturing, light

Marijuana business

Mobile food service7

Multiple-family dwelling8



Personal service

Recreational facility, indoor

Recreational facility, outdoor3,9

Religious institution

Retail sales

Standalone parking10

Supportive living facility

Temporary lodging

Air transportation service


Fire or police facility



Regional land use

Auction house

Automotive sales and service, nonmarine

Business service, intensive

Construction and trade

Family child-care home

Manufacturing, heavy

Marijuana cooperative

Mobile home park

Resource land use

Retail sales, bulk

Secure facility

Single detached dwelling unit

Utility facility


Wholesale trade


Vehicle or equipment rental12

Vehicle refueling station



1 It shall be unlawful for any person to establish an adult entertainment business or to relocate an adult entertainment business within 330 feet, measured from the property line of the parcel or parcels proposed to contain the adult entertainment business to the property line of the parcels containing the uses in this subsection, without regard to intervening structures or objects, of any:

a. Residentially zoned property;

b. Public or private school for general education of any grade K through 12;

c. School bus stop;

d. Licensed day care or licensed preschool facility;

e. Public park;

f. Publicly dedicated trail; provided, however, that the setback distance shall apply only on the south side of the Burke-Gilman Trail, and that there shall be no setback on the north side of that trail due to the separation provided by Highway 522;

g. Sports fields or playgrounds;

h. Recreation or community center;

i. Religious institution;

j. Public library.

It shall be unlawful for any person to establish an adult entertainment business or to relocate an adult entertainment business within 500 feet of another adult entertainment business, measured from the property line of the parcel or parcels containing the adult entertainment business and the proposed adult entertainment business.

2 Provided:

a. No burning of refuse or dead animals is allowed;

b. The portion of the building or structure in which animals are kept or treated shall be soundproofed. All run areas, excluding confinement areas for livestock, shall be surrounded by an eight-foot solid wall and surfaced with concrete or other impervious material;

c. Outdoor runs shall be prohibited on properties adjacent to residential zones; and

d. The provisions of Chapter 18.70 KMC relative to animal keeping shall be met.

3 Outdoor activities shall be at least 50 feet from adjoining residential zones and lighting shall be directed away from adjoining residential zones. Hours of operation may be restricted to ensure compatibility.

4 Limited to indoor columbariums and mausoleums only.

5 Social card games, as defined by this title, are prohibited.

6 Laboratories that must comply with special containment procedures for large quantities of hazardous materials are subject to a conditional use permit.

7 Provided:

a. No permanent fencing, walls, or other structures shall be installed which hinder removal of the structure from the site, unless the structure is permanently permitted.

b. No required parking stall shall be blocked or rendered unusable as a result of the mobile vendor.

c. Safe ingress and egress shall be maintained. Visibility for transportation and pedestrian access shall be maintained.

d. The limited duration of the mobile vendor shall be established as a condition of approval of any applicable permits.

e. A sign permit is required for exterior signage in accordance with the sign code, Chapter 18.42 KMC.

8 Allowed only as part of a mixed use development subject to the conditions of Chapter 18.50 KMC.

9 Campgrounds and RV parks shall not be permitted.

10 Standalone surface parking lots for vehicles, boats or boat racks shall not exceed 10,000 sq. ft. in size.

11 Only passenger transportation uses shall be permitted (no trucking or towing).

12 Equipment rental is prohibited.

[Ord. 16-0426 § 5 (Att. C); Ord. 16-0421 § 2 (Att. A); Ord. 14-0391 § 2 (Exh. 1).]

18.25B.030 Accessory uses.

Accessory uses, when consistent with the definition in Chapter 18.20 KMC, are allowed as determined by the city manager. [Ord. 14-0391 § 2 (Exh. 1).]

18.25B.040 Zoning standards.

The following zone-specific development standards in Table B apply in the waterfront commercial zone:

Table B. Waterfront Commercial Development Standards 



Base Density: Dwelling Units/Gross Acre


Maximum Density: Dwelling Units/Gross Acre

72 du/ac1

Street Setback

10 ft.2

Minimum Interior Setback

20 ft.3

Maximum Height

40 ft.

Maximum Impervious Surface: Percentage


1 This density may only be achieved through the application of residential density incentives or transfer of density credits in mixed use developments. See Chapter 18.80 KMC.

2 Fuel pump islands shall be placed no closer than 25 feet to street front lines.

3 Required on property lines adjoining residential zones.

[Ord. 16-0428 § 13 (Att. I); Ord. 14-0391 § 2 (Exh. 1).]

18.25B.050 Additional development standards.

A. Where the waterfront commercial zone abuts a residential zone, the city manager may require additional landscaping pursuant to Chapter 18.35 KMC, blank wall treatments pursuant to Chapter 18.52 KMC, and/or measures to address building mass and bulk pursuant to KMC 18.52.310 and/or 18.52.330 in order to mitigate impacts of new development on neighboring residential areas. Native vegetation is preferred for these screening treatments.

B. Drive-through service is permitted as an accessory use. Drive-through service shall be oriented to the side and/or rear of the building, and integrated into the exterior wall. Drive-through lanes shall not be located between the street and the main pedestrian access to the buildings. [Ord. 16-0428 § 13 (Att. I); Ord. 14-0391 § 2 (Exh. 1).]

18.25B.060 Wireless communication facilities.

Use allowances and development regulations for wireless communication facilities are located in Chapter 18.60 KMC. [Ord. 16-0426 § 6 (Att. D).]