Chapter 20.45


20.45.010    Zoning and land use permit fees.

20.45.020    Preapplication fees.

20.45.030    Zoning fees.

20.45.040    Site-specific land use map amendment fee.

20.45.010 Zoning and land use permit fees.

Fees shall be collected to compensate the department for preapplication review, to review zone reclassification, variance, agricultural land variances, local service area (LSA) adjustments, conditional use permit and unclassified use permit applications. Application fees shall compensate for intake and screening, field investigations, development of staff reports or administrative decisions, staff participation at public hearings, and the administrative costs of file set-up/maintenance and public notification.

A. Preapplication Fees. Preapplication fees shall compensate the department for preliminary review and evaluation of zoning and land use permits and for advising the permit applicant prior to the submittal of a formal application for a permit. Preapplication fees shall be collected at the time preapplication review services are rendered.

B. Zoning and Land Use Permit Fees. Zoning and land use permit fees compensate the department for permit processing through final approval. Separate fees are charged to compensate for the additional review necessary to process pre-effective condition time extensions.

C. Additional Review Fees. In addition to the fees set forth in this section, fees contained in Chapters 20.15 through 20.45 KMC may also be applicable to individual building permit applications. Such fees include, but are not limited to, shorelines management, SEPA, right-of-way use, grading, or critical areas review fees.

D. Code Conversion Rezones. Fees for zone reclassification requests to a zone authorized by KMC Title 18 shall be imposed by the City by resolution. Fees for urban planned development (UPDs) shall be based on the MPD fees in KMC 20.55.020. [Ord. 02-0139 § 1; Ord. 99-0058 § 1; Ord. 98-0020 § 1 (KCC 27.36.010).]

20.45.020 Preapplication fees.

A preapplication fee shall be charged for all professional time spent by department personnel based on an applicant’s request for services, per hour, imposed by the city council by resolution. [Ord. 02-0139 § 1; Ord. 99-0058 § 1; Ord. 98-0020 § 1 (KCC 27.36.015).]

20.45.030 Zoning fees.

The following zoning fees shall be imposed by the City by resolution:

A.    1. Requests for reclassifications.

2. Unclassified use permit.

B. Conditional Use Permits (CUP).

1. Administrative CUP.

2. CUP with public hearing.

3. CUP for daycare with 24 children or less.

4. Request for time extension.

C. Variances.

1. Application review.

2. Added fee when public hearing required.

3. Request for time extension.

D. Amend adopted P-suffix conditions.

E. Amend post-effective conditions.

F. Pre-effective condition time extension.

G. Reuse of closed public school facilities.

H. Land use inspections required by ordinance or zoning adjustor approval to monitor compliance with special conditions affixed to a P-suffix zoning approval, unclassified use permit, or conditional use permit.

I. Local Service Area Adjustment.

1. Base.

2. Added fee when public hearing required.

J. Special Critical Areas Service Fees Related to Any Development Permit.

1. Reasonable use exception.

2. Reasonable use exception – additional when combined with variance request.

3. Public agency and utility exception.

4. Agricultural land variance.

5. Critical areas variance for residential permits of two or fewer units only.

K. Transfer of development credit sending site certification applications, to qualify a proposed sending site and determine the number of credits available for transfer per application. [Ord. 02-0139 § 1; Ord. 99-0058 § 1; Ord. 98-0020 § 1 (KCC 27.36.020).]

20.45.040 Site-specific land use map amendment fee.

Applicant-generated site-specific land use map amendments shall be charged an application fee imposed by the City by resolution. The application fee for amendments is implemented as part of the comprehensive plan amendment process pursuant to KMC 19.20.070(F). [Ord. 06-0255 § 16; Ord. 02-0139 § 1; Ord. 99-0058 § 1; Ord. 98-0020 § 1 (KCC 27.36.030).]