Subtitle II. Departments and Offices

Chapter 2.09


2.09.010    Established.

2.09.010 Established.

There are hereby established departments of the city of Kent as set forth in Chs. 2.10 through 2.30 KCC as follows:

Ch. 2.10, Employee Services Department;

Ch. 2.12, Finance Department;

Ch. 2.14, Information Technology Department;

Ch. 2.20, Legal Department;

Ch. 2.22, Police Department;

Ch. 2.24, Fire Department;

Ch. 2.26, Parks and Community Services Department;

Ch. 2.28, Public Works Department; and

Ch. 2.30, Economic and Community Development Department.

These departments shall report to the mayor, or his or her designee, unless otherwise provided in this title.

(Ord. No. 3512, § 2, 6-6-00; Ord. No. 3926, § 2, 8-4-09)