Chapter 2.51


2.51.010    Creation – Composition – Duties.

*Cross reference(s) – Police department, ch. 2.22.

State law reference(s) – City police officers civil service, RCW 41.12.010 et seq.

2.51.010 Creation – Composition – Duties.

The civil service commission for all full-time law enforcement, police officer, and civilian (nonlaw enforcement and nonpolice officer) employees of the police department, created pursuant to Chapter 41.12 RCW, shall be composed of three members who shall be appointed by the mayor in accordance with the provisions provided for in Chapter 2.50 KCC, except as those provisions are modified by the following provisions specific to the civil service commission as provided for by RCW 41.12.030.

The following qualifications apply to members of the civil service commission:

1. Members must be citizens of the United States;

2. Members must be residents of the city of Kent for at least three years immediately preceding such appointment;

3. Members must be electors of King County;

4. Members shall serve six-year terms; and

5. At the time of any appointment, not more than two members shall be adherents of the same political party.

The members of the civil service commission shall hold office as provided in, and shall have and exercise all powers and duties prescribed by Chapter 41.12 RCW.

(Ord. No. 4406, § 2, 7-6-21; Ord. No. 778, § 1; Ord. No. 2868, § 1(2.20.010), 8-15-89. Formerly Code 1986, § 2.20.010)