Title 15
ZONING* Revised 1/23 Revised 7/23 Revised 8/23


15.01    Short Title and Purpose

15.02    Definitions Revised 1/23 Revised 7/23 Revised 8/23

15.03    Districts Established – Zoning Map

15.04    District Regulations Revised 1/23 Revised 7/23 Revised 8/23

15.05    Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements Revised 1/23 Revised 7/23

15.06    Sign Regulations

15.07    Landscaping Regulations

15.08    General and Supplementary Provisions Revised 7/23

15.09    Administration Revised 8/23

15.10    Enforcement

15.15    High Capacity Transit (HCT) Facilities

*Editor’s note – Printed in this title 15 are the zoning regulations of the city as adopted by Ordinance 2404, adopted May 3, 1983, as amended, and printed in the pamphlet dated March 1992. Amendments to the zoning ordinance as it was supplemented by the city, are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the section remains unchanged from the provisions in Ordinance 2404. Obvious misspellings and punctuation errors have been corrected. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings, catchlines, capitalization, citation to state statutes, and expression of numbers in text has been used to conform to the Code of Ordinances. Additions have been made for clarity.

Cross reference(s) – Powers and duties of planning department, § 2.30.070.