Chapter 46.04


46.04.010    Definition.

46.04.020    Violation of parking resolution.

46.04.030    Penalty for violation.

46.04.040    Failure to respond to infraction notice – Penalty.

46.04.010 Definition.

For the purposes of this chapter, “parking resolution” means a resolution now or hereafter passed by the Kitsap County board of county commissioners pertaining to the prohibition, regulation or limitation of the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles.

(Ord. 83 (1980) § 1, 1980)

46.04.020 Violation of parking resolution.

Any person who violates the terms of a parking resolution shall be deemed to have committed a traffic infraction.

(Ord. 83 (1980) § 2, 1980)

46.04.030 Penalty for violation.

For every traffic infraction prohibited by this chapter there shall be assessed a monetary penalty of five dollars for each day or portion thereof in which the violation occurs. The monetary penalty shall be increased to ten dollars unless the monetary penalty is paid within seven calendar days of the violation date.

(Ord. 83 (1980) § 3, 1980)

46.04.040 Failure to respond to infraction notice – Penalty.

Any person who fails to respond to a notice of traffic infraction relating to parking shall be assessed a monetary penalty of twenty-five dollars.

(Ord. 83-A (1992) § 1, 1992)