Chapter 2.09


2.09.010    Position created.

2.09.020    Duties and responsibilities.

2.09.030    Relationship to clerk-treasurer position.

2.09.010 Position created.

The position of finance director is hereby created. The finance director shall act as the town’s chief financial officer, under the authority and direction of the mayor. The position shall be filled by appointment of the mayor and shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor, subject to any employment contract. [Ord. 806 § 1, 2001.]

2.09.020 Duties and responsibilities.

The finance director shall have the same duties and responsibilities as identified for the clerk-treasurer in Chapter 2.10 LCMC as well as the following duties:

(1) Management and oversight of the town’s annual budget;

(2) Creation of the town’s annual budget in collaboration with staff and elected officials;

(3) Composing the town’s annual financial report;

(4) Management and oversight of town billing and collection practices for utilities;

(5) Management and oversight of payroll practices and processing;

(6) Management and oversight of accounts payable practices and processing;

(7) Manage the town’s sewer service contract with the Swinomish Tribe, including billing, managing of the account, application of the “air share formula” and year end adjustments;

(8) Collect and provide to the utilities committee financial and operational data on the three utilities operated by the town. [Ord. 806 § 1, 2001.]

2.09.030 Relationship to clerk-treasurer position.

The finance director shall be the town’s clerk-treasurer for any required purpose, including but not limited to those purposes enumerated in RCW Title 35 or in the LCMC. [Ord. 806 § 1, 2001.]