Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Billing and collection duties.

2.10.020    Duties imposed are additional.

2.10.030    Office combined.

2.10.040    Appointment.

2.10.010 Billing and collection duties.

From and after the 1st day of April, 1964, the office management of and the collection of the town water system shall be included under the duties of the town treasurer and the billing and collection for water service shall become the responsibility of the town treasurer of the town of La Conner. [Ord. 318 § 1, 1964.]

2.10.020 Duties imposed are additional.

The duties imposed on the town treasurer by this chapter shall be in addition to any other duties imposed on the office of town treasurer by ordinance or resolution of the town council or by the statutes of the state of Washington. [Ord. 318 § 2, 1964.]

2.10.030 Office combined.

The office of treasurer of the town of La Conner is consolidated with the office of clerk, and the officer shall hereafter be known as “clerk-treasurer,” and the duties of the officer shall be performed on a full-time basis. [Ord. 389 § 1, 1973.]

2.10.040 Appointment.

The clerk-treasurer shall be appointed by the mayor. [Ord. 389 § 2, 1973.]