Chapter 2.35


Article I. Organization of Fire Department

2.35.010    Supervision – Fire chief responsibility.

2.35.020    Membership.

2.35.030    Officers.

2.35.040    Operators and drivers.

2.35.050    Firefighters.

2.35.060    Appointments and promotions.

2.35.065    Explorer program.

2.35.070    Discipline.

2.35.080    Drills.

2.35.090    Response to alarms.

Article II. Fire Marshal

2.35.100    Repealed.

2.35.110    Repealed.

2.35.120    Repealed.

2.35.130    Repealed.

2.35.140    Repealed.

2.35.150    Repealed.

2.35.160    Repealed.

2.35.170    Repealed.

2.35.180    Repealed.

Article III. Volunteer Firemen

2.35.190    Applicability.

2.35.200    Pension and retirement provisions.

2.35.210    Empowerment.

*Prior legislation: Ord. 79.

Article I. Organization of Fire Department

2.35.010 Supervision – Fire chief responsibility.

The fire chief shall be appointed by the mayor and shall be the executive officer of the fire department under the authority and direction of the mayor and/or his/her designee. [Ord. 845 § 1, 2002; Ord. 236 § 1, 1932.]

2.35.020 Membership.

The fire department shall consist of a fire chief and assistant fire chief and as many other officers and firefighters as are approved by the town council of the town of La Conner, Washington. Each properly equipped piece of fire apparatus in active service shall be considered a company as hereinafter mentioned. [Ord. 845 § 2, 2002; Ord. 236 § 2, 1932.]

2.35.030 Officers.

(1) The fire chief shall be the chief executive officer of the fire department and shall be invested with the following authorities and duties:

(a) To have direct control, management and direction of all officers and firefighters of the fire department and the power to detail any of them to such public service as he/she may see fit, looking to the best interest and efficiency of the department.

(b) To carry out strictly the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the department and be able to suspend or remove from service any officer or firefighter for cause in such manner as is provided in these regulations.

(c) To exercise supreme command over the department at fires and over all equipment belonging to it.

(d) To cause to be extinguished all fires with the least possible danger to life and property and prevent unnecessary damage by water at fires.

(e) To see that the premises on which fires occur are left in such condition that they will not rekindle and cause further damage to life and property.

(f) To observe the general condition of the department and apparatus and make a complete monthly report to the mayor or his/her designee of the activities of the department.

(g) To make a complete investigation of each fire, keeping a record of and determining the cause, amount of loss of the building and contents, amount of insurance coverage and insurance payments, number and description of each building destroyed, together with names of owners and occupants.

(2) Arrangements will be made so that the assistant fire chief will always be present in the absence of the chief. [Ord. 845 § 3, 2002; Ord. 236 § 3, 1932.]

2.35.040 Operators and drivers.

(1) Operators in charge of pumping engines shall act as drivers thereof and:

(a) Shall be held responsible for the care of their apparatus, seeing that it is left clean, in good order and ready for service at all times.

(b) Shall be responsible for getting the engine to all fires, properly maneuvering and connecting same to hydrant for operation.

Drivers of other automobile apparatus to which they are assigned shall be responsible for the care and management of same and shall see that it is in condition for service at all times. Motors shall be started as least once a week and run until thoroughly warm (15 or 20 minutes). Use of choke to be minimum and motors allowed to run at full idle for several moments before shutting down. A complete log book record to be kept for each piece of automobile apparatus and entries made of all operation, warm-ups, maintenance, etc.

Operators and drivers shall, at all times, be under the supervision and direction of the company officer of their respective company. Operators and drivers shall inform their company commanders of all necessary repairs needed on their apparatus and shall do or cause to be done without further delay all of such necessary repairs.

(2) Relief Operators and Drivers. There shall be provided for each operator or driver a subordinate who shall serve in the absence of such regular operators or drivers as are appointed. They shall be fully instructed, trained, and informed and be thoroughly capable of taking charge of the apparatus and performing the necessary duties as may be required of them in the absence of the regular operator/driver. [Ord. 845 § 4, 2002; Ord. 236 § 4, 1932.]

2.35.050 Firefighters.

In general all firefighters of the company of which they belong shall be trained to handle any and all of the apparatus provided; also to act in any desired capacity in handling first aid appliances, hose chemical engines or doing salvage work. They shall do everything under their own power to get the fire under control, to remain at their posts of duty (unless excused by the commanding officer) and to return with the apparatus to the station. Any firefighter leaving town for an undetermined length of time shall inform the chief and obtain a leave of absence. Failure to do so may leave a company unmanned and shall be punishable by a fine or other type of disciplinary action adopted by the department. [Ord. 845 § 5, 2002; Ord. 236 § 5, 1932.]

2.35.060 Appointments and promotions.

In general all officers shall be appointed with tenure of office secure. The mayor or his/her designee shall appoint the assistant fire chief and as many other officers as he/she sees fit. The age of the applicant shall not be less than 18 years. All firefighters shall reside or work within the La Conner School District or as approved by the fire chief. All new firefighters shall serve a probationary period of at least 90 days before permanent appointment into the department. During this period firefighters shall be under observation of company officers and the chief with the view to deciding whether or not the applicants will make successful firefighters. Once appointed, firefighters shall be secure in their positions during good behavior. [Ord. 1160 § 1, 2017; Ord. 845 § 6, 2002; Ord. 236 § 6, 1932.]

2.35.065 Explorer program.

The La Conner fire department supports an Explorer scouting program in compliance with WCIA’s liability resource manual (Fire Section 05 and Personnel Section 17 Explorer Programs). Explorers must be at least 15 years old; have completed eighth grade; be a member of a scouting program; maintain a 2.0 grade point average; and provide signed parental approval for liability and medical release forms. [Ord. 1023 § 1, 2009.]

2.35.070 Discipline.

Strict discipline shall at all times be maintained for the purpose of contributing, as a necessary factor, to the smoothness of operation and efficiency of the department. Conduct of firefighters shall at all times be of praiseworthy order and representative of the interest of the service to be performed by the department. Any officer or member of the department who shall refuse or voluntarily neglect to obey or execute any orders from the officer in charge of any fire, or who shall violate or willfully neglect or refuse to be controlled, governed or managed by any of the rules or regulations as are herein provided or may be adopted from time to time shall be subject to fine or expulsion from the department by the chief. [Ord. 845 § 7, 2002; Ord. 236 § 7, 1932.]

2.35.080 Drills.

The department shall be drilled and maintained to the end that a fire shall be controlled as quickly as possible, upon arrival on the scene. A competent officer or firefighter shall be in charge of drills and shall be responsible for the proper training and drilling of firefighters at the standardization of methods. [Ord. 845 § 8, 2002; Ord. 236 § 8, 1932.]

2.35.090 Response to alarms.

Response to alarms should result in sufficiently trained firefighters and apparatus to handle any kind of fire. In departments not having a full paid force and in which volunteers, on-call or part-time firefighters are depended upon, the membership should be sufficiently large that an adequate number of firefighters will always be present to properly handle the existing apparatus and equipment and any other duties which may be necessary. When a fire company leaves its station and the regular watch is not left on duty, a substitute shall be provided whose duty it shall be to receive all calls on the telephone or alarm system and to make the proper response with reserve apparatus or otherwise notify the fire chief immediately, while said company is out on duty. [Ord. 845 § 9, 2002; Ord. 236 § 9, 1932.]

Article II. Fire Marshal

2.35.100 Office created.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 1, 1942.]

2.35.110 Appointment.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 2, 1942.]

2.35.120 Oath and bond.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 3, 1942.]

2.35.130 Enforcement duties.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 4, 1942.]

2.35.140 Disposal of refuse – Enforcement duty.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 5, 1942.]

2.35.150 Right of entry.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 6, 1942.]

2.35.160 Appeal procedure.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 7, 1942.]

2.35.170 Noncompliance deemed separate offense.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 8, 1942.]

2.35.180 Violation – Penalty.

Repealed by Ord. 905. [Ord. 245 § 9, 1942.]

Article III. Volunteer Firemen

2.35.190 Applicability.

The provisions of this article shall apply only to volunteer firemen of the town of La Conner, Washington. [Ord. 281 § 1, 1956.]

2.35.200 Pension and retirement provisions.

The town of La Conner hereby elects to permit volunteer firemen of the town to be enrolled under the pension and retirement provisions of the volunteer firemen’s Relief and Pension Act, being Chapter 41.24 RCW, as amended. [Ord. 281 § 2, 1956.]

2.35.210 Empowerment.

The board of trustees of the volunteer firemen’s Relief and Pension Act are hereby empowered to do all things necessary for the enrollment of volunteer firemen under the pension and retirement provisions of the act as provided therein, and to submit vouchers for the payment of the share of the annual fee to be borne by the town of La Conner. [Ord. 281 § 3, 1956.]