Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Established.

2.40.020    Appointed, subject to approval.

2.40.030    Eligibility.

2.40.040    Duties.

2.40.050    Compensation.

2.40.010 Established.

There is hereby created and established an engineering department and a town engineer to head the department in the town of La Conner. [Ord. 450 § 1, 1978.]

2.40.020 Appointed, subject to approval.

The town engineer shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the approval of the town council, and shall hold office at the pleasure of the mayor. [Ord. 450 § 2, 1978.]

2.40.030 Eligibility.

To be eligible for the position of town engineer an applicant must be an engineer graduate from a duly accredited college or university with at least two years of practical experience in administration, control, planning and supervision of water, sewage and garbage utilities. In lieu of an engineering degree, additional practical experience in the above or related fields may be acceptable. [Ord. 450 § 3, 1978.]

2.40.040 Duties.

The duties of the town engineer shall be:

(1) Supervise the mechanical operation of the town water system, storm drains, and sewer systems.

(2) Supervise, administer and work with the council and planning commission on the town zoning code, subdivision code, PURD ordinance, Shoreline Management Act and any other zoning or planning ordinances now existing or hereafter adopted.

(3) Supervise and administer the layout, construction and maintenance of all public buildings, improvements, streets, alleyways and sidewalks.

(4) Such other duties and functions as shall be necessary in connection with the operation of the engineering department. [Ord. 450 § 4, 1978.]

2.40.050 Compensation.

The town engineer shall receive as compensation for his services a salary to be determined by the town council. [Ord. 450 § 5, 1978.]