Chapter 3.04


3.04.010    Voucher presentation.

3.04.020    Finance committee approval.

3.04.030    Council approval – Warrant issuance.

3.04.040    Warrant payment.

3.04.050    Payroll.

3.04.060    Original signature required on payment schedule only.

3.04.070    Establishment of payment procedures by resolution.

3.04.010 Voucher presentation.

All bills for merchandise or services shall be presented to the finance director with a voucher certifying that the bills are true and correct. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 15 § 1, 1961)

3.04.020 Finance committee approval.

The finance director shall present each bill, including invoices showing specific items for which billing is made, and voucher to the council finance committee for approval. The council finance committee shall examine each bill and voucher and certify such bills as it approves to the council. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 15 § 2, 1961)

3.04.030 Council approval – Warrant issuance.

The council may approve payment of the bills by motion. Approval of the bills by the council will authorize the finance director to issue a warrant in that amount, specifying the fund from which payment is to be made. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 15 § 3, 1961)

3.04.040 Warrant payment.

The finance director is authorized to pay such warrants by check drawn on the appropriate fund. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 15 § 4, 1961)

3.04.050 Payroll.

The finance director will prepare each month a payroll covering payments to employees of the city in the amounts approved by the council and including such deductions as may be authorized by the employee or required by law. The finance director will certify the payroll to the finance committee and the finance committee shall examine such payroll and make appropriate recommendation to the council. The council may approve the payroll by motion. Approval of the payroll by the city council will authorize the finance director to issue warrants to the employees and to the agency or agencies on whose behalf the deductions were made. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 15 § 5, 1961)

3.04.060 Original signature required on payment schedule only.

Where any check, draft, warrant, claim, or other city instrument is issued for or on behalf of the city, and such instrument requires a signature of one or more city officials, the original signature of the official shall appear on a schedule listing all of the obligations paid and instruments issued, but a facsimile or imprint copy of the official’s signature may be imprinted on each individual instrument, in the place of an original signature, so long as the city shall keep and retain on file the original payment schedule, listing each of the instruments so issued. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 674 § 1, 1996)

3.04.070 Establishment of payment procedures by resolution.

The city council may by resolution modify payment procedures provided for in this chapter or other chapters of this code to accommodate administrative convenience or to meet the immediate and necessary needs of city business. (Ord. 879 § 4, 2002; Ord. 765 § 1, 1998)