Chapter 3.08


3.08.010    Capital improvement planning committee.

3.08.020    Planning procedure.

3.08.030    City council action.

3.08.040    Implementation of program.

3.08.010 Capital improvement planning committee.

The mayor shall establish a capital planning committee (the committee) to include the city staff responsible for developing and managing city capital projects, the city’s finances, and the city’s comprehensive planning process. (Ord. 969 § 2, 2007)

3.08.020 Planning procedure.

A. In each odd-numbered year, the committee shall prepare the city’s capital improvement program.

B. The proposed capital improvement program shall be consistent with and implement the city’s adopted comprehensive plan and the city’s adopted budget. The program shall identify projects to be undertaken, estimated start dates, estimated cost, and the source of funds for the project. The program shall include a chapter identifying the status of projects authorized by prior plans, to include expenditures on such projects.

C. The committee shall finalize the program and submit it to the mayor for approval no later than September 1st of the same year. The mayor shall submit the mayor’s recommended capital improvement program to the city council no later than the first city of Lake Forest Park council meeting in October of the same year. (Ord. 969 § 2, 2007)

3.08.030 City council action.

The city council shall adopt a final capital improvement program no later than December 31st of the same year. Whenever the program includes projects not identified in the city’s comprehensive plan, the council shall direct the planning director to docket a proposed amendment to the comprehensive plan on the next comprehensive plan amendment docket. (Ord. 969 § 2, 2007)

3.08.040 Implementation of program.

The mayor shall be responsible for implementing the program as adopted by the council. (Ord. 969 § 2, 2007)