Chapter 3.46


3.46.010    Imposition

3.46.020    Definitions

3.46.030    Administration--Collection

3.46.010 Imposition.

A.    RCW 38.52.430, Emergency response caused by person’s intoxication--Recovery of costs from convicted person, is hereby adopted by reference.

B.    The City of Lake Stevens shall bill a defendant under section (A) above the cost of the apprehension, investigation, processing and the initial temporary incarceration, as reasonable costs of providing police services. The jail booking fee, daily lodging fee, and City administrative fee, as set by Council resolution, will only be charged if (1) the defendant was taken to jail by the arresting officer(s) at the time of the offense; and (2) it was necessary to secure the defendant for his/her or officer safety, or other emergency police purposes. No jail fee will be recovered pursuant to this chapter when the person is booked into jail because of outstanding warrants or other reasons not related to the police emergency as defined in LSMC 3.46.020.

C.    Nothing in either (A) or (B) above limit the City or another agency’s ability to collect other costs pursuant to this or other authorization from the defendant.

3.46.020 Definitions.

RCW 38.52.010, and all its subsections, is hereby adopted by reference.

3.46.030 Administration -- Collection.

The City is hereby authorized and directed to execute a Notice of Liability for the Expense of Emergency Response. The City will send the person a bill by certified mail with a return receipt. Any fees not collected within sixty days of the date of issuance of the Notice of Liability for the Expense of Emergency Response shall be referred to a collection agency. The cost of the collection agency shall be added to the bill. The fees shall be received into the general fund. (Ord. 556, 1997)