Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Definitions.

2.24.020    Board created – Membership.

2.24.030    Terms of office.

2.24.040    Officers – Quorum – Procedure.

2.24.050    Advisory powers – Designated.

2.24.060    Advisory powers – Enumerated.

2.24.010 Definitions.

(1) As used in this chapter, “park” means and includes an area of land set aside or dedicated for purposes of public pleasure, recreation, exercise, amusement or ornamentation including landscaped tracts, picnic grounds, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation centers, camps, foot, bicycle or bridle paths, motor vehicle drives, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, zoological and botanical gardens, facilities for bathing, boating, hunting and fishing and other recreational facilities of every type and kind.

(2) As used in this chapter, “board” means the board of park commissioners.

(3) As used in this chapter, “recreation” means any form of recreation or cultural activity that will employ the leisure time of the people in a constructive and wholesome manner. (Ord. 517 § 1, 1990; Ord. 383 § 1, 1981; Ord. 75 § 1, 1957).

2.24.020 Board created – Membership.

There is created a board of park commissioners consisting of seven members who shall be appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the majority of the city council, from citizens of recognized fitness for such positions who reside within the city. No compensation shall be paid to any commissioner for his services. (Ord. 517 § 2, 1990; Ord. 254 § 1, 1972; Ord. 75 § 2, 1957).

2.24.030 Terms of office.

(1) Commissioners in office on the effective date of the ordinance extending the number of commissioners from five to seven shall complete their existing terms which expire, respectively, on the first Monday in June of the years 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. The original terms of the two additional members shall expire on the first Monday of June 1995 and 1996, respectively. The commissioners shall determine by lot which of the two additional members’ terms shall expire in 1995 and 1996.

(2) All terms expiring in the years 1990 through 1996 shall be succeeded by terms of seven years’ duration so that one term shall expire each year thereafter.

(3) Vacancies occurring otherwise than through the expiration of terms shall be filled for the unexpired terms. (Ord. 517 § 3, 1990; Ord. 492 § 1, 1988; Ord. 254 § 2, 1972; Ord. 75 § 3, 1957).

2.24.040 Officers – Quorum – Procedure.

(1) At their first meeting of each year, the members of the board shall organize by electing a chairman and secretary from among their members, and shall designate by motion at that time the duties and times of meetings for the current year. The board shall meet at least once per month, except when there is no business to be considered; in any event, a meeting shall be held once per quarter. The chairman shall notify the city clerk and each member of the board in writing or by telephone, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting date, that no meeting will be required for that month. The board shall conduct its meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

(2) A majority of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Any action taken by a majority of those present, when those present constitute a quorum, at any regular or special meeting of the board shall be deemed taken as action of the park board. (Ord. 517 § 4, 1990; Ord. 383 § 2, 1981; Ord. 75 § 4, 1957).

2.24.050 Advisory powers – Designated.

The board shall advise the city council on subjects referred by the city council, city manager or on matters the park board feels are important regarding the expansion and operation of the city parks and recreation programs. The board shall have the duty to advise and recommend to the city council regarding the planning, promotion, management and acquisition, construction, development, maintenance and operation, including restrictions on and compensation to be paid for concessions or privileges in the city parks and recreation programs. (Ord. 517 § 5, 1990; Ord. 383 § 3, 1981; Ord. 75 § 5, 1957).

2.24.060 Advisory powers – Enumerated.

The specific advisory powers of the board, identified in NPMC 2.24.050, are more particularly described as follows:

(1) To formulate an orderly program for the acquisition of land, waterways, buildings, facilities and equipment, and for the development, operation and maintenance of an adequate system of public parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities of the city, both within and without its boundaries, in cooperation with other departments or bodies, public or private;

(2) To consult with and make recommendations to the city manager and the city council and other city departments with regard to the development and amendment from time to time of the city’s parks and recreation comprehensive plan and capital improvement program;

(3) To consult with and make recommendations to the city council regarding policies for the planning, development, maintenance and use of all of the city’s park and recreation areas and facilities, as well as the implementation of policies concerning the city’s recreation program;

(4) To formulate and prepare for city council consideration a recreational program for residents of Normandy Park, such program to include plans for utilization of all available parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities. The board shall be continuously cognizant of the conduct of the recreational program implemented by the city council so as to be in a position to suggest, from time to time, such program changes as shall be consistent with available facilities and money appropriated to, or received by, the city and other bodies for recreational purposes;

(5) To interpret community park and recreation needs and to explain the city’s park and recreation needs and services to the city council and to the community;

(6) To review or recommend to the city manager and city council an annual budget and make recommendations concerning the activities of the parks and recreational programs;

(7) To hold public meetings from time to time in various parts of the city for the purpose of reviewing park and recreation programs and objectives with citizen groups and the community at large. A major objective of the board shall be to develop public interest in the park and recreation programs and to solicit, to the fullest extent, participation of community groups, the general public and public and private agencies;

(8) To encourage individuals and community groups to give funds and property or manpower for the improvements and development of park and recreation programs and facilities. (Ord. 517 § 6, 1990).