Chapter 17.16


17.16.010    Purpose.

17.16.020    Permitted uses.

17.16.030    Conditional uses.

17.16.040    Prohibited uses.

17.16.050    Density regulations.

17.16.060    General regulations.

17.16.070    Regulations for manufactured homes.

17.16.010 Purpose.

This district is intended for low-density, detached, single-family dwellings, in order to assure the maximum of light, air, open space, privacy, and the protection of property values. Other uses should only be allowed if they are compatible with these values and consistent with the overall public interest. (Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 793 § 2, 2005: Ord. 791 § 3, 2005: Ord. 136 § 3.06 (part), 1974)

17.16.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses shall be as follows:

A.    Single-family residences;

B.    Manufactured homes that conform to the requirements of Section 17.16.070;

C.    Home occupations, subject to Section 17.50.030;

D.    Camping, subject to Sections 15.12.020 and 15.12.025;

E.    Nonaccessory structures in compliance with the provisions of Section 17.50.115;

F.    Accessory structures as follows:

1.    Residential garages and carports, private workshops, boat docks, private greenhouses, and other uses of a similar and compatible nature, all subject to Section 17.50.110;

2.    Fences, walls and hedges subject to Sections 17.50.120 and 17.50.130;

3.    Off-street parking subject to Chapter 17.54.

(Ord. 940 § 2 (part), 2014: Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 791 § 4, 2005; Ord. 759 § 6, 2003; Ord. 136 § 3.06(a), 1974)

17.16.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses may be allowed in the R-1 zone upon approval of a conditional use permit in accordance with the provisions of Sections 17.52.040 through 17.52.080:

A.    Public and semi-public uses as provided in Section 17.50.040.

B.    Resource extraction as provided in Section 17.50.050.

(Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 318 § 1(E), 1981; Ord. 136 § 3.06(b), 1974)

17.16.040 Prohibited uses.

A.    All uses not specifically listed as permitted or conditional uses in this district are prohibited uses; provided, that the city planner may determine that a proposed use is substantially similar to a listed permitted use and authorize the use in accordance with Section 17.06.050; provided further, that uses similar to listed conditional uses may be processed for consideration by the hearing examiner pursuant to Section 17.06.060.

B.    Homeless services uses are prohibited in the R-1 zone.

(Ord. 1076 § 2, 2021; Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 136 § 3.06(c), 1974)

17.16.050 Density regulations.

A.    One single-family dwelling is allowed per established and recorded lot according to the plats existing as of August 1, 2003, or as legally created thereafter under the provisions of the city short plat and subdivision requirements.

B.    Subdivisions, short plats, replats and/or boundary line adjustments shall have a minimum lot size of seven thousand two hundred square feet.

(Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 555 § 2, 1993: Ord. 136 § 3.06(d), 1974)

17.16.060 General regulations.

A.    Minimum front yard depth in feet, twenty;

B.    Minimum side yard depth in feet, five;

C.    Minimum rear yard depth in feet, twenty-five;

D.    For corner lots, minimum front depth in feet, twenty; on flanking street(s) minimum yard depth in feet, ten, excepting garages with vehicular entrances fronting on flanking streets shall have a minimum setback in feet, twenty; minimum yard depth from adjacent property in feet, five;

E.    For irregularly shaped lots: lots that are not generally rectangular shall have yards that most nearly meet the requirements for rectangular lots as determined by the city planner or in his or absence the public works director or designee, but in no case shall the setback be less than five feet from any property line, nor less than twenty-five feet from the apparent rearmost point, nor less than twenty feet from the apparent frontmost point. Yards may be tapered to conform to the irregular lines of the lot;

F.    Wood, or wood-style, insulated lap, or other nonmetallic-appearing siding is required on primary structures, outbuildings, and accessory structures; and

G.    All of the general regulations set forth in Chapters 17.50 and 17.54 of this title that do not specifically exclude this district.

(Ord. 1028 § 1, 2018; Ord. 858 § 1 (part), 2009; Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 759 § 7, 2003: Ord. 611, 1997; Ord. 343 § 1, 1982: Ord. 253, 1978: Ord. 136 § 3.06(e), 1974)

17.16.070 Regulations for manufactured homes.

Uses and regulations for manufactured homes are as follows:

A.    The manufactured home shall be a new manufactured home.

B.    The manufactured home shall be set upon a permanent raised foundation, with crawl space as required by WAC 296-150I-0310(n), as specified by the manufacturer, and the space from the bottom of the home to the ground must be enclosed by concrete or an approved concrete product which can be either load-bearing or decorative.

C.    The manufactured home shall comply with all local design standards applicable to all other homes within the neighborhood in which the manufactured home is to be located.

D.    The manufactured home shall be thermally equivalent to the State Energy Code.

E.    The exterior siding of all primary structures, outbuildings, and accessory or nonaccessory structures shall be similar in appearance to siding materials authorized and commonly used on conventional site-built single-family residences in the city.

F.    The manufactured home shall otherwise meet all other requirements for a designated manufactured home as defined in RCW 35.63.160.

(Ord. 1085 § 2, 2022; Ord. 837 § 1 (part), 2008: Ord. 793 § 3, 2005: Ord. 791 § 5, 2005)