Chapter 2.82

2.82.000    Chapter Contents


2.82.010    Domestic Partnership Registry Program--Established.

2.82.020    Purpose.

2.82.030    Definitions.

2.82.040    Residency.

2.82.050    Implementation of Program.

2.82.060    Termination of Registration.

2.82.010 Domestic Partnership Registry Program--Established

There is hereby established for the City of Olympia a Domestic Partnership Registry Program. The fee for participation in the program shall be $25 per partnership.

(Ord. 6061 §1, 2000; Ord. 5982 §1, 1999).

2.82.020 Purpose

The purpose of the Domestic Partnership Registration Program is to give unmarried couples in committed, ongoing family relationships the opportunity to document that relationship. By this means, the diversity of family configurations existing within our society is recognized.

(Ord. 5988 §1, 2000).

2.82.030 Definitions

For purposes of this ordinance, domestic partners shall consist of two people 18 years of age or older who share the same regular and permanent residence and neither of whom is married or related by blood in a manner that would bar their marriage in the State of Washington. It is intended that domestic partners be people who have a relationship of mutual support, caring, and commitment, and are each other’s sole domestic partner.

(Ord. 5988 §1, 2000).

2.82.040 Residency

Neither domestic partner need be a resident of the City of Olympia.

(Ord. 5988 §1, 2000).

2.82.050 Implementation of Program

The City Manager shall promulgate necessary rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this ordinance. The registration forms and register shall be maintained by the City Clerk’s office.

(Ord. 5988 §1, 2000).

2.82.060 Termination of Registration

At the request of either domestic partner, a domestic partnership shall be removed from the Domestic Partnership Register. A termination form must be signed by at least one of the partners as provided in the rules promulgated by the City Manager.

(Ord. 5988 §1, 2000).