Chapter 3.08

3.08.000    Chapter Contents


3.08.010    Order of payment.

3.08.020    Cancellation after four years.

3.08.030    Retroactive effect.

3.08.040    Suspension of interest on unpaid warrants.

3.08.050    Payments to city in lawful money.

3.08.060    Numbering of warrants.

3.08.070    Payment from proper fund.

3.08.080    Rate of interest.

3.08.010 Order of payment

All city warrants on the city treasury for payment of money out of the general fund shall be paid in the order in which they were issued.

(Ord. 500 §1, 1891).

3.08.020 Cancellation after four years

All warrants drawn on the city treasury shall be presented for payment within the period of four years after the date of the issue thereof and should the payee or legal holder of any such warrant or warrants neglect or fail to present the same for payment within the time specified in this section, it shall be the duty of the city clerk-treasurer to enter the same as canceled on the books of his office; provided, that should the payee or legal owner of any such canceled warrant or warrants present the same for payment after the lapse of four years from the date of the issue thereof, the city council may upon proper showing, by affidavit and the delivery of the canceled warrant into their possession, issue a new warrant in lieu thereof, on the city clerk-treasurer, and the clerk-treasurer is authorized to pay the same as other warrants are paid.

(Ord. 6886 §1, 2013; Ord. 260 §1, 1887).

3.08.030 Retroactive effect

All outstanding warrants, issued four years prior to the approval of this chapter shall be canceled by the city clerk-treasurer, as provided in Section 3.08.010.

(Ord. 260 §2, 1887).

3.08.040 Suspension of interest on unpaid warrants

As often as the city clerk-treasurer deems advisable he shall publish in the newspaper doing the city advertising a list of warrants that will be paid at the date to be named, and after such date no warrant so advertised and remaining unpaid shall bear interest. If, after publication has been made, any warrants named in the published list remain unpresented for one month thereafter, the amount held in reserve to pay such warrant may be applied to pay other warrants of later date.

(Ord. 621 §1, 1893).

3.08.050 Payments to city in lawful money

All taxes, licenses and dues payable to the city must be paid in lawful money of the United States, except as hereinafter provided unless otherwise provided by law.

(Ord. 621 §2, 1893).

3.08.060 Numbering of warrants

All warrants ordered drawn on any fund shall be numbered, from number one on, consecutively, only with warrants drawn on that fund.

(Ord. 652 §1, 1895).

3.08.070 Payment from proper fund

No warrant shall be paid out of any fund except the fund upon which it is drawn.

(Ord. 652 §2, 1895).

3.08.080 Rate of interest

The rate of interest to be borne by current expense and water fund warrants hereafter issued by the city, shall not in any event exceed the maximum rate of seven percent per year.

(Ord. 1886 §1, 1925).