Chapter 3.12

3.12.000    Chapter Contents


3.12.010    Claims procedure--Contents of claims.

3.12.020    Auditing officer--Appointed.

3.12.030    Auditing officer--Bond provided.

3.12.040    Adoption of policies.

3.12.010 Claims procedure –Contents of claims

A.    All claims for damages against the city must be presented to and filed with the city claims manager. The claims manager shall refer any such claim to the city’s appropriate risk pool, and no payments or appropriations shall be made regarding the claim before it is referred to the risk pool. The city risk manager shall, upon receipt, give notice and a description of all claims exceeding five thousand dollars in alleged damages to the city council. In addition, the claims manager shall quarterly give the city council summaries of all outstanding claims against the city of Olympia and give an indication of the potential liability posed by such claims.

B.    All such claims for damages must accurately locate and describe the defect that caused the injury, accurately describe the injury and state the time when same occurred and shall contain items of damages claimed and be sworn to by the claimant.

C.    No action shall be maintained against the city for any claim for damages until the same has been presented to the claims manager as outlined above.

(Ord. 6886 §§1, 12, 2013; Ord. 4386 §1, 1982; Ord. 4223 §2, 1980; Ord. 1025 §1, 1909).

3.12.020 Auditing officer –Appointed

The city clerk/ treasurer is appointed as the auditing officer of the city and is authorized to issue warrants or checks in payment of claims arising under a contract, as provided in RCW 42.24.080. The clerk/treasurer shall submit to the council for approval all such checks or warrants issued in payment of claims at the council’s next regularly scheduled public meeting and shall provide, upon request, documentation supporting the claim paid. If, upon review, the council disapproves any claim, the auditing officer and any other officer which signed the check or warrant shall jointly cause the disproved claim to be recognized as a receivable of the city, and shall pursue collection diligently until the amount is disproved or collected or until the council is satisfied and approves claim.

(Ord. 4547 §1(part), 1984).

3.12.030 Auditing officer –Bond provided

The auditing officer and any other officer designated to sign checks or warrants in payment of claims shall furnish an official bond, at the city’s expense, for faithful discharge of his or her duties in an amount not less than one hundred thousand dollars.

(Ord. 4547 §1(part), 1984).

3.12.040 Adoption of policies

The city council directs the city manager to adopt contracting, hiring, purchasing and disbursing policies which implement effective internal control.

(Ord. 4547 §1(part), 1984).