Chapter 10.48

10.48.000    Chapter Contents


10.48.010    Streets for use by heavy trucks designated.

10.48.010 Streets for use by heavy trucks designated

Except on the following enumerated streets, the use of heavy truck vehicles shall be prohibited except for local deliveries necessitating use of such heavy trucks on such streets. The streets upon which heavy trucks shall be permitted to travel are as follows:

Capitol way from "B" Avenue to Union Avenue

Black Lake Boulevard from south city limits to 4th Avenue

Division Street from 4th Avenue to Madison Street

East Bay Drive from East 4th Avenue to Olympia Avenue

Harrison Avenue from northbound Evergreen Parkway off/on ramp to West Bay Drive

Henderson Boulevard from Yelm Highway to Plum Street

Pacific Avenue from East 4th Avenue to Phoenix Street

Plum Street from Union Avenue to East 4th Avenue

State Avenue west from Sawyer Street to Water Street

Union Avenue from Capitol Way to Plum Street

Capitol Boulevard/Capitol Way from Carlyon Avenue to State Avenue

Washington Street from State Avenue to "C" Avenue

Water Street from West State Avenue to West 4th Avenue

West Bay Drive from Harrison Avenue to Raft Avenue

4th Avenue from Olympic Way east to Phoenix Street

Martin Way from Phoenix Street to College Street

Olympic Way from 4th Avenue to Harrison Avenue

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