Chapter 10.52

10.52.000    Chapter Contents


10.52.010    Permit to haul timber or other heavy load –Required when.

10.52.020    Permit--Criteria for issuance.

10.52.030    Loads to be secure.

10.52.040    Penalty for violation.

10.52.010 Permit to haul timber or other heavy load –Required when

It is unlawful, without first having secured a log tolerance permit from the city engineer to operate over any of the streets of the city, not designated by the Washington Transportation Commission as forming a part of the route of any primary state highway through the city, any vehicle whatsoever conveying thereon logs, piling or boomsticks which consists of a three-axle truck/tractor and a two-axle pull trailer combination engaged in the operation of hauling logs which exceeds by more than sixty-eight thousand pounds the legal gross weight of the combination of vehicles when licensed, as permitted by law, for sixty-eight thousand pounds; provided, that the distance between the first and last axle of the vehicles in combination shall have a total wheel base of not less than thirty-seven feet, and the weight upon two axles spaced less than seven feet apart shall not exceed thirty-three thousand six hundred pounds. Nor shall any person operate over the streets of Olympia any vehicle having a weight together with its load of five hundred fifty pounds, or more, per inch width of such tire up to a maximum width of twelve inches and for a tire having a width of twelve inches or more there shall be allowed a twenty-percent tolerance above five hundred fifty pounds per inch width of such tire.

(Ord. 4227 §5, 1980; Ord. 2215 §1, 1933).

10.52.020 Permit –Criteria for issuance

Any person desiring to transport logs or other loads over the streets of the city in excess of the weights and requirements set forth in Section 10.52.010 of the Olympia Municipal Code, shall before so using the streets apply to the city engineer for a log tolerance permit or general hauling permit, describing the nature and kind of vehicle or vehicles to be used, the nature, character and maximum weight of the load and the street sought to be used. The city engineer shall charge the sum of five dollars for each permit application.

If, in the judgment of the city engineer, the use sought to be made of the streets would not unduly interfere with other traffic and would not endanger or injure the street sought to be used, having due regard in each instance to the size, character and weight of the vehicle and load and the condition, nature and service of the street sought to be used, and all of the factors and conditions properly to be considered, permit so sought shall be granted; but if in the judgment of the city engineer, considering all proper facts, it appears that the use sought to be made would unduly interfere with other traffic on the streets, or would be likely to injure the streets, or unduly wear the same, permit shall be refused.

(Ord. 4227 §6, 1980; Ord. 2215 §2, 1933).

10.52.030 Loads to be secure

All persons hauling or conveying logs, piling, or other timbers on and across the streets and thoroughfares of the city shall have such timbers securely chained, fastened or bound together and to the truck, wagon or other conveyance.

(Ord. 1638 §1, 1920).

10.52.040 Penalty for violation

Any person, firm or corporation, who uses any of the city streets in violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the penalties prescribed by RCW 46.44.105, as amended.

(Ord. 4227 §7, 1980; Ord. 1638 §2, 1920).