Chapter 12.44

12.44.000    Chapter Contents


12.44.010    Scope.

12.44.020    Uniformity of variety--Distance between trees.

12.44.030    Determination by council where property owners do not agree.

12.44.040    Types of tree to be planted.

12.44.050    Shrubbery and small trees in parking strips.

12.44.060    Trees are public property.

12.44.070    Trimming or pruning of trees.

(Ord. 6886 §1, 2013).

12.44.010 Scope

On all streets within the city which have been paved, or may hereafter be paved, with some permanent material, wherever there is a parking strip, trees shall be planted as provided for in this chapter and the Engineering Design and Development Standards.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 7045 §4, 2016; Ord. 1353 §1, 1915).

12.44.020 Uniformity of variety –Distance between trees

Trees planted as provided for in Section 12.44.010 shall be uniform on each street, and where it is possible for the property owners to agree as to the variety of trees to be planted each property owner may proceed to plant such trees in front of their own property, the trees to be planted not closer than forty feet apart.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 1353 §2, 1915).

12.44.030 Determination by council where property owners do not agree

Where the property owners cannot agree, the matter may be determined by the city council, and in the event property owners along any street do not provide for trees as stated in Section 12.44.020 the city council shall provide therefor under the local improvement statutes of the state by resolution and ordinance duly enacted.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 6886 §1, 2013; Ord. 1353 §3, 1915).

12.44.040 Types of tree to be planted

No maples or other such spreading trees shall be planted, but ash, poplar, and such similar trees shall be used.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 1353 §4, 1915).

12.44.050 Shrubbery and small trees in parking strips

Shrubbery and small trees such as holly may be planted in the parking strip, provided not more than one is planted between each two trees, and further provided, any such shrubbery shall be planted uniformly and of similar character throughout one entire street.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 1353 §5, 1915).

12.44.060 Trees are public property

All ornamental, shade or other trees which have been planted and are now situated in the streets or parking strips within the city are declared to be public property and subject to the control of the city.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 1636 §1, 1920).

12.44.070 Trimming or pruning of trees

No such trees shall be trimmed or pruned except in a symmetrical and even manner according to the most approved plans for the trimming and pruning of such trees. Such trimming and pruning or cutting thereof shall only be done under the supervision and by the permission of the street superintendent.

(Ord. 7181 §7, 2019; Ord. 1636 §2, 1920).