Chapter 12.48

12.48.000    Chapter Contents


12.48.010    Title.

12.48.020    Official map.

12.48.030    Base lines--Generally.

12.48.040    Base lines--Described.

12.48.050    Districts described.

12.48.060    Street designations.

12.48.070    One hundred grid block determined from official grid map.

12.48.080    Numbering interval.

12.48.090    Number assignment.

12.48.100    Extension of grid system.

12.48.110    Street and road signs to display certain information.

12.48.120    Maintenance of system.

12.48.130    Placement of assigned numbers.

12.48.140    Street names.

12.48.150    Changes to names and/or numbers.

12.48.160    Newly annexed areas.

12.48.010 Title

This chapter shall be known as the "uniform street naming and housing numbering ordinance of the city of Olympia, Thurston County, Washington."

(Ord. 3594 §1, 1970).

12.48.020 Official map

The official map establishes base lines, divides Thurston County into four districts, and sets forth a grid numbering system; such map is on file in the engineering office of the city, and is by this reference made a part of this chapter.

(Ord. 3594 §2, 1970).

12.48.030 Base lines –Generally

Thurston County shall be divided into four districts as determined by the base lines. All addresses shall be suffixed by the name of the quadrant in which they are located. Base lines, described in Section 12.48.040, are depicted on the official map.

(Ord. 3594 §3 (part), 1970).

12.48.040 Base lines –Described

Base lines are described as follows:

A.    North-South Base Line. From the north, south along the midpoint of Budd Inlet, south along Capitol Way and continuing south on Capitol Boulevard in Tumwater, then continuing south from Tumwater along the Olympia-Tenino Road (Old U.S. 99) through Tenino and continuing south along State Highway 507 through Bucoda to the Lewis County line.

B.    East-West Base Line. Beginning on the west at the Grays Harbor County line on U.S. 410, continuing east to the junction with U.S. 101, then east along U.S. 101 to that point where the Mud Bay Road adjoins U.S. 101 (end of FAS 344), then east along Mud Bay Road (also known as Old Olympic Highway and Old 101) to the junction of Mud Bay Road and Fourth Avenue, east along Fourth Avenue, then east along Martin Way to the Old Nisqually Bridge at the Pierce County line.

(Ord. 3594 §3.1, 1970).

12.48.050 Districts described

Districts are described as follows:

A.    N.E.--Northeast. That portion of Thurston County north of the east-west base line, and east of the north-south base line;

B.    N.W.--Northwest. That portion of Thurston County north of the east-west base line, and west of the north-south base line;

C.    S.E.--Southeast. That portion of Thurston County south of the east-west base line, and east of the north-south base line;

D.    S.W.--Southwest. That portion of Thurston County south of the east-west base line, and west of the north-south base line.

(Ord. 3594 §3.2, 1970).

12.48.060 Street designations

The following street designations shall apply to street and road names, streets, road signs, and to addresses:

A.    "Avenues" shall run east and west. Avenues shall be numbered (both north and south sides of the east-west base line).

B.    "Court" is a cul-de-sac which cannot be extended. Courts are to be named or numbered and carry the number of the preceding street or avenue (in direction of the lowest house numbers).

C.    "Drive" is an irregular or diagonal street over two grid blocks in length not conforming to the grid pattern.

D.    "Lanes" are private streets or streets in a private street subdivision.

E.    "Loops" are small loop-type streets to carry the name of the street from which they originate.

F.    "Place" is a north-south street, parallel to, but between streets.

G.    "Road" is a lengthy irregular or diagonal street over ten grid blocks in length, generally an arterial. The designation "road" shall be used only where the name has long-standing meaning or public sentiment.

H.    "Streets" shall run north and south, and shall be named.

I.    "Way" is an east-west street parallel to, but between avenues.

(Ord. 3594 §4, 1970).

12.48.070 One hundred grid block determined from official grid map

The one hundred block for street naming and house numbering shall be determined by consulting the official grid map.

Grid maps indicating the location of one hundred block grid lines shall be prepared on a one inch equals four hundred feet scale map and made available for use at a later date.

(Ord. 3594 §5(1), 1970).

12.48.080 Numbering interval

The numbering interval shall be as follows:

A.    The assignment of a number to a specific property location shall be determined by measuring distances from one hundred block grid lines.

B.    A number shall be assigned each space of twenty feet, as measured from the one hundred block grid line.

C.    Measurements shall be taken from the grid line to the main entrance of the building or property for the purpose of assigning numbers.

(Ord. 3594 §5(2), 1970).

12.48.090 Number assignment

Number assignment shall be as follows:

A.    Even numbers shall be assigned to north and east sides of streets; odd numbers shall be assigned to south and west sides of streets. Determination of street direction, north-south or east-west, can be decided by observing the overall length of a street and noting its general direction. The even and odd numbers shall be assigned consecutively and opposite one another wherever possible. Neither numeric fractions nor alphabetical letters shall be assigned as part of the unique address for stand-alone structures. All quadrant directionals (NW, SW, NE, SE) shall appear only after the street name. There will be no double directionals (e.g. E. Main St NE). Where a street is prevented from being continuous by a natural barrier the addressing will be broken off at the barrier, and continued again at the other side of the barrier consistent with the appropriate 100 grid block on the official grid map as described in section 12.48.070

B.    Short loops and cul-de-sacs shall be numbered consecutively from that point where they originate and proceeding progressively around the loop or cul-de-sac.

C.    Multifamily developments will have each building assigned a numbered address taken from the street each building fronts. Interior streets within multifamily developments will be named and such names will be approved as defined in Section 12.48.140. If the interior street is to remain private then the name will be qualified by designating that street as a Lane as specifies in Section 12.48.060. Each of the multifamily buildings fronting that interior street will be numbered from that street. Each unit within a multifamily building will also be identified (e.g. 3515 Private Lane SE Unit #101). The unit numbering will be from left to right as seen from facing the building. The first digit of each unit number will indicate on which floor of the building each unit is located. (e.g. #101 first floor, #201 second floor, etc.)

D.    In large commercial development projects with access from a main street and a shared parking lot each building will be individually numbered from the main street. For those projects fronting on secondary streets each building will be individually numbered from the secondary street on which it fronts. Each tenant suite within a commercial building will also be identified, (e.g. 3515 Main St E Suite #201). The suite numbering will be from left to right as seen from facing the building. The first digit of each suite number will indicate on which floor of the building each suite is located. (e.g. #101 first floor, #201 second floor, etc.)

(Ord. 5491 §2, 1994; Ord. 3594 §5(3), 1970).

12.48.100 Extension of grid system

The grid system shall be extended at the rate of ten blocks per mile, or as determined by the grid pattern as shown on the official map. The grid shall increase by one thousand at section lines, or as shown on the official map.

(Ord. 3594 §5(4), 1970).

12.48.110 Street and road signs to display certain information

A.    All new street and road signs in the city shall display street names, district designations and grid numbers in conformance with the provisions of this chapter.

B.    All replaced street or road signs erected after the official date of the adoption of the ordinance codified herein shall display at least two elements of this chapter:

1.    Signs shall display the district suffix, NW, SW, SE, or NE;

2.    Signs shall display the one hundred grid block number.

(Ord. 3594 §6, 1970).

12.48.120 Maintenance of system

A.    The city engineering division shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of maps indicating street names and house numbers. This agency shall maintain a file of existing street names and a catalog of potential street names and be responsible for insuring that proposed street names are in conformance with this chapter and do not duplicate existing street names.

B.    The administrative services division of public works shall be authorized to assign addresses upon request by private and public agencies or in the case of new subdivision plats.

C.    The address numbers shall be at least, but not limited to, four inches in height. There shall be no requirement for color of said numbers, however the address numbers shall be placed and maintained in a background of a contrasting color.

D.    The owner of a residence and/or place of business or their representative shall be responsible for maintaining the address numbers in a visible location required under Sections 12.48.120 and 12.48.130.

(Ord. 5030 §1, 1989; Ord. 3594 §7, 1970).

12.48.130 Placement of assigned numbers

A.    The building department of the city shall make house and property numbers available for addresses; the owner or occupant of any residence, building, structure or place of business, excepting sheds and accessory buildings, opening upon or having access to a street within the city shall place an assigned address in a visible and conspicuous location upon the main entrance or at the principal place of ingress to such residence, building, structure or place of business.

B.    For multiple residential and/or places of business that share a common single private roadway, the owner shall display address numbers at the vehicular access point to the private street or roadway and on the individual structures.

(Ord. 5030 §2, 1989; Ord. 3594 §8, 1970).

12.48.140 Street names

Prior to assigning street names, all proposals will be provided to the Thurston County Department of Communications for concurrence that the street name does not conflict or have similarity to existing names anywhere within Thurston County.

(Ord. 5491 §1, 1994).

12.48.150 Changes to names and/or numbers

Minor changes, or corrections, to numbers can be made administratively by the Public Works Department following the written request of a residential or commercial occupant. Minor changes can also be initiated by staff when in the interest of public safety.

Major changes, such as 100 block re-numbering or street name changes may be initiated by a written request from a residential or commercial occupant, or by the Public Works Department in the interest of public safety and/or public benefits. In either case, the Public Works Department Director, or his/her designee shall convene a review committee to include, but not limited to representatives of the Olympia Police Department, Olympia Fire Department, the Public Works Transportation Division, the City Manager’s officer, the Public Safety Data Management System, and the affected neighborhood.

If the new committee determines that a change should be made a proposed plan shall be prepared and presented to the City Council for review, feedback, and approval prior to any change being effected.

(Ord. 5491 §3, 1994).

12.48.160 Newly annexed areas

All newly annexed areas will be re-addressed if it is determined that the existing addressing is inconsistent with the standards set forth in this chapter, the 100 grid block designations are inconsistent with the existing City 100 Block Grid System, or the street names duplicate existing city street names.

(Ord. 5491 §4, 1994).