Chapter 18.140

18.140.000    Chapter Contents


18.140.020    Commercial site plans.

18.140.030    Landscape design.

(Ord. 6306 §7, 2004).

18.140.020 Commercial Site Plans

A.    REQUIREMENT: Provide convenient access to the site for vehicles and pedestrians.


1.    Orientation. Building entries should face the primary street adjacent to the project; an additional entry should face the parking.

2.    On-Site Parking.

a.    The majority of parking should be located on the side of buildings or in rear, where possible. (See also Section 18.38.200, Parking Facility Location.)

b.    Landscaped cart corrals should be placed throughout the project so that parking spaces are not used to store shopping carts.

3.    Physical Context. Where there is no conflict with the Washington State Barrier Free Rules, retain existing grades by utilizing changes in grade for terracing of structures and parking.

4.    Consolidation.

a.    Multiple entries to the site should be consolidated.

b.    Higher density development is encouraged.

c.    Parking structures and multi-story buildings can be used.

d.    Use mixed-use commercial and residential developments.

FIGURE 18.140.020

(Ord. 6306 §7, 2004).

18.140.030 Landscape Design

A.    REQUIREMENT: Use plants as screening, canopy, and space-defining elements. (See also Chapter 18.36, Landscaping and Screening.)


1.    Screen parking areas from the street and adjacent residential development. except automobile sales display lots and officially designated park-and-ride lots. These lots should provide landscaping in the form of plantings and/or berms to a height of twenty-four (24) inches above sidewalk grade.

2.    Repeat landscape material throughout the project to unify the development.

3.    Choose landscape materials which are easily maintained.

4.    At minimum, plant two and one half (2.5) inch caliper trees.

5.    Surface stormwater treatment facilities should be landscaped.

FIGURE 18.140.030

(Ord. 6306 §7, 2004).