Chapter 18.145

18.145.000    Chapter Contents


18.145.020    Landscape screening adjacent to freeways.

18.145.030    Security and site lighting.

18.145.040    Signs – Adjacent to freeways.

(Ord. 6306 §8, 2004).

18.145.020 Landscape screening adjacent to freeways

A.    REQUIREMENT: Provide landscape screening adjacent to the freeways where development is visible to motorists passing through the City of Olympia. A ten (10) foot minimum landscaping buffer adjacent to the freeway is required. The landscaping buffer shall consist of evergreen or a combination of approximately forty five (45) percent evergreen and thirty (30) percent deciduous trees interspersed with large shrubs and ground cover. A site-obscuring fence may be required if it is necessary to reduce site specific adverse impacts. Tree, shrub, and groundcover spacing shall be appropriate for the species type and consistent with the intent of the landscaping chapter (OMC 18.36).


1.    Landscape screening may include plant materials, fences, berms, and walls.

2.    The use of existing native vegetation is encouraged.

(Ord. 6704 §1, 2010; Ord. 6306 §8, 2004).

18.145.030 Security and site lighting

A.    REQUIREMENT: Eliminate glare onto the freeways from security lighting and site lighting. (See Section 18.40.060(E), Lighting.)


1.    Use the following techniques to prevent spillover lighting glare:

a.    Use cut-off lenses to prevent light from shining off site.

b.    Locate light fixtures to avoid spillover lighting onto freeways.

FIGURE 18.145.030

(Ord. 6306 §8, 2004).

18.145.040 Signs adjacent to freeways

A.    REQUIREMENT: To reduce visual sign clutter, signage shall be distinct and minimal. Signs along the freeways are limited to identification of the multifamily complex, shopping center, or industrial complex adjacent to the freeway. Signs must conform to the Olympia Sign Code (OMC Chapter 18.42, Signs).


1.    The identification sign should be located flush on the primary building wall facing the freeway or freestanding in the landscape area no closer than five (5) feet to the freeway rights-of-way.

2.    Freestanding signs should not exceed twenty-five (25) feet in height nor two hundred (200) square feet in sign surface area (total of all sign faces of the sign).

3.    Signs mounted flush on the building may not exceed one (1) square foot of sign surface area per one linear foot of wall it is mounted on up to two hundred (200) square feet of sign surface area, (a twenty (20) foot long wall may have up to a twenty (20) square foot sign); except, motor vehicle sales uses within the Auto Services District are allowed flush mounted wall signs at a ratio of one (1) square foot of sign surface area per one (1) linear foot of wall in which the sign is mounted on up to two hundred (200) square feet of sign surface area in accordance with Chapter 18.42, Signs.

4.    If a use is permitted a pole sign, only one (1) pole sign is permitted per development; except, a single trade organization located within the Auto Services District representing the ownership of 40 acres or more of similar land uses within such district shall be one allowed (1) development identification sign along any adjacent state highway and four (4) development identification signs along Cooper Point Road/Auto Mall Drive to be located on the property of such trade organization or its member(s).

(Ord. 6317 §15, 2004; Ord. 6306 §8, 2004).