Chapter 18.180

18.180.000    Chapter Contents


18.180.020    Pedestrian and vehicular circulation.

18.180.030    Fences and walls.

(Ord. 6306 §12, 2004).

18.180.020 Pedestrian and Vehicular Circulation

A.    REQUIREMENT: Integrate the project with the existing neighborhood through pedestrian and vehicular connections. Provide attractively designed pedestrian and vehicular connections to adjacent public rights-of-way, including any existing or planned bus stops. Provide adequate pedestrian and vehicular access to site features such mailboxes and other shared facilities.


1.    Mark pedestrian pathways with vertical plantings.

2.    Distinguish pedestrian pathways through use of surface material such as colored concrete or special pavers.

3.    Provide internal pedestrian connections (apart from public rights-of-way) between project and adjacent projects.

4.    Provide barrier-free pedestrian access to all shared facilities such as mailboxes, recreation centers, and open space areas.

5.    Provide parking and bicycle parking at shared facilities.

6.    Locate dwelling entrances on street edge when possible.

FIGURE 18.180.020

(Ord. 6306 §12, 2004).

18.180.030 Fences and Walls

A.    REQUIREMENT: Minimize the use of fences or walls that inhibit pedestrian movement or separate the project from the neighborhood. Front yards shall be visually open to the street. Where fencing is used, provide gates or openings at frequent intervals. Provide variation in fencing to avoid blank walls.


1.    Provide variation in fencing though use of setbacks, or stepped fence heights.

2.    Provide variation in texture, color or materials to add visual interest.

3.    Provide landscape screening to break up expanses of fencing.

4.    Repeat use of building facade material on fence columns and/or stringers.

5.    Provide lighting, canopies, trellises, or other features to add visual interest.

FIGURE 18.180.030

(Ord. 6306 §12, 2004).