Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Enrollment under state plan.

2.28.020    All firemen authorized.

2.28.030    Duties of city clerk.

2.28.050    Payment into state fund.

2.28.060    Membership fee.

2.28.070    Board of trustees—Created.

2.28.080    Board of trustees—Membership.

2.28.090    Board of trustees—Duties.

2.28.100    Board of trustees—Meetings.

2.28.110    Examination by physician.

2.28.120    State law adopted.

2.28.130    Board of trustees—Power to call witnesses.

2.28.010 Enrollment under state plan.

Every fireman, whether volunteer, part-paid, or full paid, duly appointed for service with the Othello fire department, is hereby enrolled under the relief and compensation provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW, known as the Volunteer Firefighters’ and Reserve Officers’ Relief and Pensions Act, for the purpose of providing protection for all its firemen and their families from death or disability arising in the performance of their duties as firemen. (Ord. 369 § 1, 1968).

2.28.020 All firemen authorized.

Any such fireman is hereby authorized to enroll under the pension provisions of the act for the purpose of enabling any such fireman, so electing, to avail himself of the retirement provisions of the act. (Ord. 369 § 2, 1968).

2.28.030 Duties of city clerk.

The Othello city clerk shall collect and pay the fees as provided for in the Act, and shall continue to make such provisions for all firemen who came under the act as long as they shall continue to be members of the Othello fire department. (Ord. 369 § 3, 1968).

2.28.050 Payment into state fund.

Payment into the state fund for firemen shall comply and conform to the current payments required by Chapter 41.24 RCW. (Ord. 548 § 1 (part), 1977).

2.28.060 Membership fee.

The membership fee for firemen shall comply and conform to the current payments required by Chapter 41.24 RCW. (Ord. 548 § 1 (part), 1977).

2.28.070 Board of trustees—Created.

There is hereby created a board of trustees for the administration of said Act and this chapter, consisting of the mayor of Othello, the city clerk, one Othello city councilman, the Othello fire chief, and one member of the Othello fire department to be elected by the members of such department for a term of one year and annually thereafter. (Ord. 369 § 7, 1968).

2.28.080 Board of trustees—Membership.

The mayor shall be chairman of the board of trustees and the city clerk shall be the secretary-treasurer. The secretary shall keep a public record of all proceedings, of all receipts and disbursements made by the board of trustees and shall make an annual report of its expenses and disbursements with a full list of the beneficiaries of the fund, such record to be placed on file in the city clerk’s office and a copy filed with the State Auditor. (Ord. 369 § 8, 1968).

2.28.090 Board of trustees—Duties.

The board of trustees shall provide for enrollment of all members of its fire department under the death and disability provisions of the Act; receive all applications for the enrollment under the retirement provisions thereof; provide for disbursements of relief and compensation; determine the eligibility of firemen for pensions; and pass on all claims and direct payment thereof from the volunteer firemen’s relief and pension fund to those entitled thereto. Vouchers shall be signed by the chairman and the secretary of the board issued to the persons entitled thereto for the amount of money ordered paid to them from the fund by the board, which vouchers shall state for what purpose the payment is made. It shall send to the state board after each meeting, a list of all persons entitled to payment from the fund, stating the amount of such payment and for what granted, which list shall be certified and signed by the chairman and the secretary of the board, attested under oath. (Ord. 369 § 9; April 18, 1968).

2.28.100 Board of trustees—Meetings.

The board of trustees shall meet on the call of its chairman on a regular monthly meeting day when there is business to come before it. The chairman shall be required to call a meeting on any regular meeting day at the request of any member of the fund or his beneficiary claiming any relief, compensation or pension therefrom. (Ord. 369 § 10; April 8, 1968).

2.28.110 Examination by physician.

The board shall make provisions for the employment of a regularly licensed practicing physician for the examination of members of the fire department making application for membership.

Such appointed physician shall visit and examine all sick and injured firemen, perform such services and operations and render all medical aid and care necessary for the recovery of firemen on account of sickness and disability received while in the performance of duties. Such appointed physician shall be paid his fees from the fund, but not in excess of the schedule of fees for like services approved by the Director of Labor and Industries under RCW Title 51. No physician or surgeon, not approved by the board, shall receive or be entitled to any compensation from the fund as the private or attending physician of any fireman. No person shall have any right of action against the board of trustees of the fund for the negligence of any physician or surgeon employed by it. Any physician employed by the board to attend upon any fireman shall report his findings in writing to the board. (Ord. 369 § 11; April 8, 1968).

2.28.120 State law adopted.

There is hereby adopted and by this reference, made a part hereof Chapter 41.24 RCW, entitled Volunteer Firefighters’ and Reserve Officers’ Relief and Pensions, as amended, or hereafter amended, including, but not limited by this enumeration, the definition of terms therein, hearing of application for benefits, appeals, vote on allowance of claims, appointment of guardians, disability payments, death benefits, retirement pensions, lump sum payments, certificate of disability or tenure, hospitalization, surgery, funeral and burial expenses. (Ord. 369 § 12; April 8, 1968).

2.28.130 Board of trustees—Power to call witness.

The board of trustees herein, in addition to other powers granted by the act, shall have power to compel the attendance of witnesses to testify before it on all matters connected with the operation of the RCW chapter, and this chapter, and its chairman or any member of the board may administer oaths to such witnesses; to make all necessary rules and regulations for its guidance in conformity with the provisions of the act; provided, however, that no compensation or emoluments shall be paid to any member of the board of trustees for any duties performed under said act, as trustees. (Ord. 369 § 13; April 8, 1968).