Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Intention to participate.

2.32.020    Date of coverage.

2.32.030    Covenants.

2.32.040    Wage reports.

2.32.050    Payments.

2.32.060    Employer’s contribution.

2.32.070    Deductions from employees.

2.32.080    Fund.

2.32.010 Intention to participate.

The city of Othello shall participate in the old age and survivors insurance feature of social security for its employees, under the authority of Title II of the Federal Social Security Act, as amended in 42 USC 7, and under the enabling act of Chapter 41.48 RCW. (Ord. 189 § 1, 1956).

2.32.020 Date of coverage.

The city of Othello shall by and through its mayor and clerk, make application to and enter into an agreement with the employment security department, state of Washington, Olympia, Washington, to provide social security coverage to all eligible employees of the city of Othello, and that such agreement shall provide for coverage to commence January 1, 1957. (Ord. 189 § 2, 1956).

2.32.030 Covenants.

Such agreement shall contain the covenants required under the present federal and state statutes, including the amendments thereto. (Ord. 189 § 3, 1956).

2.32.040 Wage reports.

The city clerk shall prepare and submit such wage and other wage and other reports to the state and federal government as may be required by the state from time to time. (Ord. 189 § 4, 1956).

2.32.050 Payments.

Not later than twenty days following the end of each calendar quarter the city will pay to the state social security department amounts equivalent to the sums of taxes (employer-employee contributions) imposed by 26 USC 3111 with respect to all the services of each of the eligible employees covered by said laws. (Ord. 189 § 5, 1956).

2.32.060 Employer’s contribution.

There is hereby authorized the payment from the funds of the city of Othello, appropriated therefor, the employer’s contribution funds imposed by the Internal Revenue Code after the effective date hereof. (Ord. 189 § 6, 1956).

2.32.070 Deductions from employees.

The city is authorized to deduct from the wages of the eligible employees, the employee’s contribution provided by the Internal Revenue Code. (Ord. 189 § 7, 1956).

2.32.080 Fund.

There is created a special fund to be known as the “OASI contribution fund.” Such fund shall consist of employer’s contributions and administrative expense, if any, appropriated by the city of Othello, and employee contributions deducted from the wages and salaries of employees. No disbursements shall be made from the fund except for paying over to the state of Washington, as provided herein, for the administrative expense especially for by the city under the law. (Ord. 189 § 8, 1956).