Title 12


12.04    Definitions

12.08    Water and Sewer Department

12.10    Temporary Water Service

12.12    Sewage Disposal

12.14    Claims for Sewer Damage

12.16    Potable Water and Sewer Service and Rates

12.20    Installation, Maintenance and Use of System

12.22    Contamination of Public Water Supply

12.24    Penalties

12.26    Wastewater Pretreatment Regulations

12.30    Water System Protection and Controls

12.36    Utility Service Terminations

12.40    Emergency Water Shortage Restrictions

12.44    Irrigation Water

*    Garbage and refuse collection and disposal—See Chapter 5.08.
City or town authorized to acquire and operate waterworks—See Chapter 35.92 RCW.
Power to regulate, manage and control sewage systems—See RCW 35.67.020 and 35.21.210.
Municipal water and sewer facilities act generally—See Chapter 35.91 RCW.