Chapter 2.18


2.18.010    Department created.

2.18.020    Director – Appointment.

2.18.030    Director – Duties.

*    Code reviser’s note: Ordinance 3169 repealed and reenacted this chapter. Prior to its repeal and reenactment, the chapter concerned the director of public works and was based on the provisions of Ords. 1922, 2160 and 2677.

2.18.010 Department created.

The public works department is created and established. (Ord. 3169 § 5 (Exh. E), 2017).

2.18.020 Director – Appointment.

The director of public works shall be appointed by the city manager. The director of public works shall serve at the pleasure of the city manager. The person so appointed shall have a bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration, civil, mechanical, or environmental engineering or a related field and have at least five years’ experience in dealing with municipal engineering problems. The director of public works shall be directly responsible to the city manager for carrying out the duties described in this chapter. A combination of education and experience may substitute for this requirement. The compensation to be paid to the director of public works shall be fixed by the city council in the yearly budget. (Ord. 3169 § 5 (Exh. E), 2017).

2.18.030 Director – Duties.

The duties of the director of public works shall be as follows:

A. Supervise and review the design and development of plans, estimates and contract documents for public works projects;

B. Prepare and administer annual department budgets and capital improvement programs and budgets;

C. Administer construction contracts in progress involving reports, approval of minor change orders, recommend payments, recommend fair acceptance of projects;

D. Prepare specifications and make recommendations on city equipment;

E. Monitor and supervise the operations of the street, water, storm and sanitary sewer, solid waste, engineering, parks, and facilities divisions;

F. Make recommendations and assist in the development of new ordinances or revision of existing ordinances that may affect public works;

G. Act as technical advisor to the city council, the city manager, the planning commission and other departments on engineering proposals;

H. Coordinate with the planning and community development director on development and building permits. The director of public works shall have final authority over that portion of any permit relating to the streets and sidewalk code (PTMC Title 12) and the water, sewer, and stormwater code (PTMC Title 13);

I. Direct the research and compilation of reports required by the city manager or other governmental agencies;

J. Attend meetings of, and occasionally speak to governmental or civic groups as representative of the city under direction of the city manager. (Ord. 3287 § 2 (Exh. B), 2022; Ord. 3169 § 5 (Exh. E), 2017).