Title 13


Article I. General Utility Provisions

13.01    Procedures for Utility Development

13.02    Income-Based Rate Utility Rate Program

13.02A    Certified Adult Family Home Utility Discount

13.03    System Development Charges for Water and Sewer Connections

13.04    Utility Latecomer Agreements

13.05    Utility Fees

Article II. Water

13.11    Water Service – General Provisions

13.12    Water Service and Reservation System Outside of City

13.13    Water Service Connections

13.14    Water Main Extensions, Replacements and Other System

13.15    Water Service Turn-Ons and Shut-Offs

13.16    Water Meters

13.17    Cross-Connections

13.18    Regional Wholesale and Industrial Water Service

Article III. Sewer

13.21    Sewer System – General Provisions

13.22    Sewer Connections

13.23    Sewer Main Extensions, Replacements, Pump Stations and Other
    System Improvements

13.24    Classification of High-Strength Wastewater, Charges Associated
    With Such Discharges, and Pretreatment Requirements

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 3287 changed references in this title to the development services department (DSD) to the planning and community development department (PCD). These changes have been made to the online version of the code, and will be incorporated in the printed volume of the code as the affected pages are reprinted in future supplements.

Article IV. Stormwater

13.31    Stormwater Utility Service – General Provisions

13.32    Stormwater Management Requirements